How many apps do you use to charge your electric car? Usually, it's more than just one, because apps of service providers often do not include a complete mapping of competing stations. The latter, for their part, do not offer all the useful information for electric car users, even if they are trying to catch up with those that specialise not only in mapping charging points. But Google Maps, which remains one of the most popular and widely used navigation apps, has announced a series of enhancements that go precisely in this direction.

More practical info

Very soon, the big G's navigation maps will be enriched with detailed information on charging stations for electric vehicles, as well as the exact location of each charging station to be reached not just by address, but with the actual location and user recommendations and reviews.

This means that it will be possible to display precise messages that also give advice on how to reach the station, if it is located in a closed area or perhaps at the end of a car park. Similarly, this information will also include practical notes based on user experiences, as is the case with specific apps.

It starts with on-board systems

These updates will be implemented starting with vehicles that have Google services integrated into the infotainment systemThey will display the charging stations and the information available on each one, including charging power (also 'actual' power verified by other users), free or occupied status in real time, average waiting times, and others. All this information is filtered and summarised thanks to artificial intelligence, which produces an up-to-date and thoughtful summary of experiences and indications.

360° assistance

And that's not all, because Google's services aim to provide real support for the journey, helping with route planning with suggestions on charging stops for longer journeys, as the apps installed by manufacturers do, interfacing with car management and checking battery status in real time.

Google's website is also adding functionalities dedicated to electric cars and vehicles. For instance, allows users to select hotels and rest areas equipped with charging facilities.