The world witnessed a historic gathering of Aston Martin Valkyries at this year's Salon Privé London, hosted at the illustrious Royal Hospital Chelsea. A staggering collection of 14 supercars graced the internationally renowned event under the watchful eye of none other than Adrian Newey himself, the visionary designer behind the Valkyrie and a renowned figure in the Red Bull Racing fraternity.

The impressive showcase of Valkyries was complemented by a lineup featuring other iconic models from the British brand stable, including two One-77s, a Vulcan, and a V12 Speedster. Organised in collaboration with Salon Privé, the display was a testament to the passion and dedication of the AMV Owners Club, which orchestrated the historic gathering.

Spectacular world record Aston Martin Valkyrie supercar parade thrills Salon Privé London

“This huge gathering of Aston Martin Valkyrie was a stunning world-first showcase for Salon Privé London,” show director David Bagley said. “It’s been a delight to work with the AMV Owners Club and bring so many owners together in their incredible cars, and everyone who witnessed it is certain it’s going to go down in history as one to remember.”

Founded in 2023, the AMV Owners Club stands as an exclusive enclave for owners of Aston Martin's prestigious V-series supercars, including the Valkyrie, Vulcan, Valhalla, Valour, and special editions such as the One-77. With a focus on fostering community among supercar aficionados, the club curates a blend of single- and multi-series events, forging partnerships with leading luxury events.