A single factory on the Old Continent might not be enough and maybe not even two, said Stella Li, Executive Vice President of BYD Company Limited and President of BYD Europe, at an event held at the Chinese company's Shenzen headquarters during the week of the Beijing Motor Show.

Having already announced the construction of a factory in Hungary by the end of the year, BYD's strategy for conquering the Old Continent could involve opening a new factory or even two as Li points out: 

"There is no dialogue with the Italian government. It could be Italy, but also Spain, France or Germany. We'll have to wait and see.

A question of perception

"It's true that producing in Europe costs more in terms of energy and labour, but being established in a territory and investing there is necessary as well as being an advantage in terms of brand perception, because producing locally means creating jobs and actively contributing to economic and social life."

These are the words of Stella Li.

BYD is experiencing a period of strong growth worldwide thanks to the production of electric cars, as well as plug-in hybrids. Between now and the end of the year, three or four new factories will be announced, including one already announced in Mexico. The product range has never been so broad: in addition to the BYD brand, which, with Seal, Seal U, Dolphin and Atto 3, targets a general market, the manufacturer is launching and will launch models of the premium and luxury Denza brands, a joint venture with Daimler, Fangcheng Bao and YangWang.

BYD Seal, the road test

BYD Seal

<p>BYD Act 3</p>

BYD Act 3

Focus on Europe

"Plug-in hybrids are the best solution for Central Europe".

Stella Li believes that at present, much of continental Europe is not ready for the transition to electric power. This is why BYD continues to develop and improve its DMI plug-in technology, in which the electric motor is powered by a battery which is in turn recharged by a combustion engine. The powertrain will be presented in the coming weeks in the Seal U SUV. An ideal transitional solution for a market where electric vehicles are not taking off. According to Li, consumers will be able to enjoy their first "electric experience" without having to face any constraints or fears.

<p>BYD Seal U</p>

BYD Seal U

New arrivals on the list

Given the nature of Europe's cities and roads, there was some question as to whether the BYD Seagull would make it to our shores. Stella Li has confirmed that the electric compact is on the home straight, but it won't be the one we've already seen, but rather a new version.