More than a few people will surely be annoyed that a premium brand like Cupra offers many SUVs, but no pure sports cars. Well, in the end, the market rules and what the Spanish company has done is to give its SUVs a more emotional feel. A formula, by the way, that has been a great commercial success, it must be said.

However, the purists are missing a niche model that acts as the Martorell-based manufacturer's sporty flagship. Unfortunately, there are no plans for a two-seater, but we want to show you the digital creation of superrenderscars. Do you like it?

Pure CUPRA sports car

If you've got a keen eye, you'll have noticed that this Cupra is based on the Toyota Supra which, in turn, was developed from the BMW Z4. But beyond that uniqueness, would you buy this car? We think it would fit in perfectly with the Spanish brand's philosophy. 

And it goes without saying that it could benefit from engines and technologies from other Volkswagen Group sports cars. In fact, I can already imagine it with the raging 2.0-litre TSI turbo petrol engine with 333 PS from the Volkswagen Golf R 20th Anniversary, paired with the DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission with seven gears. 

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Despite the heavier weight, I would prefer it with 4Drive all-wheel drive so that I can drive it safely at any time of the year and not suffer any loss of traction. Because 333 PS for the front axle alone might be a bit too much.

However, if we continue to dream, there is nothing better than the 2.5-litre TFSI inline five-cylinder engine, which delivered 390 PS in the limited edition Formentor VZ5, now sold out. What a sports car we would have in our hands!

With this engine, Cupra's sports car would be under 4 seconds in 0-60, which is already a big deal. But in addition to high performance, the car would also have a good luggage compartment for two people (290 litres in the Supra) and, thanks to the adaptive suspension, it would not be incompatible with long journeys in the softest configuration. 

If we keep on guessing, we would ideally like to see the Cupra sports car priced at around £55,000. To give you an idea, the 340 PS Toyota GR Supra Pro comes in at £57,495. This would be slightly more expensive than the 320 PS Golf R, which costs £49,930. Shall we collect signatures and send them to Cupra to make this car a reality?

Source: superrenderscars