In the world of camper vans or camper conversions there are several options to get the vehicle of your dreams. The most 'affordable' is to do the conversion yourself, using the necessary materials at low cost. Another is to buy the finished product, although this tends to raise the price considerably.

In this respect, specialist Adria opts for an intermediate solution. Thanks to an ingenious modular system called Adria Mode, you can transform the interior of your van into a real camper van for the whole family. In the case of the Citroën SpaceTourer, we are talking about a real camper van with up to 8 seats.

Among the advantages of opting for this type of system, the most important is that you benefit from the know-how of a company specialising in this sector, which makes the most of the space available, with specific anchoring systems and top-quality, resistant and flexible materials.

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Another of the great advantages of this type of transformation is that it can be carried out in a short time. In this case, Adria claims that its conversion process only takes 30 minutes. Don't believe it? Then watch the attached video and you can draw your own conclusions.

And this is possible thanks to the module system devised by Adria. These are crates with proportions of 46 x 57 x 35 cm, which do not need special floors or rails for assembly, are easily transported and can be loaded and unloaded in minutes, and serve more than one purpose.

Adria Mode camper van

These modules are made from a combination of Symalite thermoplastic and Cordura fabric, with a PVC base, and while they do not cover all the usual functions of a camper van, they do perform some of the most important ones.

The sink unit includes a fully integrated sink with 15-litre drinking and waste water containers, electric water pump, tap and sink with drain. In addition, with the extendable tap hose, the system can even be used as an outdoor (cold) shower.

Adria Mode camper van

A second module contains a 26-litre Dometic refrigerator. If you install both modules together, you have a small mini-kitchen with everything you need, which can be used both inside and outside the van. The modules have flat lids and are designed to also function as furniture, storage boxes, table or chairs to sit around a fire outside, for example.

Adria Mode camper van

Mechanically, Adria Mode is based on a Citroën SpaceTourer, which is 4.96 metres long and powered by a 2-litre diesel engine with a choice of 145 or 180 PS. The Adria Mode comes as standard with 2+1 seats in the second row, and buyers can add a third row 2+1 (up to 8 seats in total), or combine them with their camping modules; it is also possible to remove one or two rows completely and fit camping modules around the remaining ones.

Adria Mode camper van

The Adria Mode includes two swiveling front seats, a drop-down roof with 195 x 120 cm double bed, a 230 V power socket and ports, a 100 Ah AGM battery and a fold-out induction hob that folds into a compartment within the tailgate wall to complete the flexible kitchen.

Adria Mode camper van

Finally, Adria presented the Mode as a world premiere at the last Caravan Show in Düsseldorf, where it was exhibited with a base price of €55,799 (approx. £48,000), although we fear that if you start adding options, the final figure will be around €60,000 (£52,000). However, we don't know if Adria sells the modules separately, which would be great news for transforming your van into a camper van for significantly less.