Created in 1984 by Car Design magazine, the Car Design Awards are presented each year to the most striking cars in terms of styling, models that stand out for their exterior and interior lines. The winners in the three categories - production car, concept and brand design language - are the Volvo EX30, the BMW Vision Neue Klasse and the Kia respectively.

The awards ceremony took place as usual during Milan Design Week, and featured brand new trophies designed by ERRE.

The awards

The Volvo EX30 won first place in the production car category, ahead of the new Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale and the Lamborghini Revuelto. The small Swedish electric SUV convinced the jury of 11 motoring journalists from around the world, who explained the reasons for their choice:

<p>Volvo EX30</p>

Volvo EX30

"For Volvo, small is good. The EX30 has a great exterior and a very spacious interior. It's a very luxurious small SUV, characterised by the typical Volvo design: simple, ecological, practical, but also capable of bringing a touch of freshness thanks to its distinctive Scandinavian design".

In the concept car category, the winner was the BMW Vision Neue Klasse, a saloon that anticipates the styling of the future BMW 3 Series, ahead of the Mazda Iconic SP and the Mercedes Vision One-Eleven.

<p>BMW Vision New Class</p>

BMW Vision New Class

"It's never easy to reinvent a brand's design language, but the BMW Vision Neue Klasse does so in a thoroughly modern way, while retaining the incomparable stylistic elements that make up the brand's heritage. In the increasingly homogeneous design of electric vehicles, this is a tribute to the past and a vision for the future.

Finally, in the Brand Design Language category, Kia came out on top, ahead of Toyota and BMW.

<p>Kia EV3 Concept</p>

Kia EV3 Concept

<p>Kia Niro</p>

Kia Niro

"With the Opposite United philosophy, Kia design has adopted a non-conformist approach with the aim of inducing change, without being afraid to take risks. Unexpected at first glance, the new Kia models break the mould of established aesthetic parameters to introduce a totally new, modern design language. Constant innovation to create a new identity".

The trophies of the Car Design Awards 2024