The Omoda 5 was just the beginning. The Chinese brand from the Chery universe is now ready to present the Omoda 7, a large SUV that will be unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show on 28 April.

The first teaser of the model shows its shape, but without giving any precise indications of its exact positioning and its characteristics, which - explains Omoda - will be announced after the show.

The 'big brother

The teaser photo highlights a sharp design and fairly large proportions. As mentioned, there are no official data on dimensions, but the impression is that the Omoda 7 is longer than the 4.4 metres of the Omoda 5. It's not out of the question that this model will also be offered in a 7-seater variant.

Omoda 7, the teaser

Omoda 7, the teasers

Overall, the 7 looks strong and muscular, while the rear lights feature elaborate graphics that give the SUV extra personality.

In its announcement, Omoda also talks about an "intelligent driving experience", suggesting that the model will be equipped with a full suite of driving assistants.

Omoda 7, the teaser: detail of the front end

Omoda 7, the teaser: detail of the front panel

Possible engines and prices

The engines have also yet to be revealed. We don't know whether the Omoda 7 will be equipped with new powertrains or whether it will inherit those already present on the Omoda 5. The latter is available in a non-electric petrol variant equipped with a 197 PS 1.5-litre turbo, while the electric version has a 61 kWh battery and a maximum range of 267 miles.

In terms of pricing, the petrol Omoda 5 is priced at £24,000 in the UK. For the Omoda 7 we're expecting an entry-level list price around £30,000 to £35,000.

Meanwhile, at the Beijing Motor Show, the launch of the new SUV will also be "supported" by Indonesian President Joko Widodo and Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Fadillah. To mark the occasion, Omoda will unveil an all-new brand ecosystem and a global public wellbeing initiative.

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