A few weeks ago, Audi's Heilbronn plant produced the last combustion-powered R8 - a Vegas yellow example with the Performance Quattro Edition pack, carbon fibre details and 20-inch wheels.

Thus ended the almost 20-year history of the German supercar, which could be reborn in an entirely new form in the years to come. Leaving aside the V8 and V10 engines that have accompanied the Audi R8 throughout its existence, Audi is preparing to go 100% electric.

From the future

To be honest, we don't know if the battery-powered super sports car from Ingolstadt will actually be called the R8 or if a new name will be adopted. But other (unofficial) rumours tell us that German engineers are indeed working on a spiritual successor to this model, which will be one of the most extreme ever produced by the company.

Audi R8 e-tron (2026) presented by Motor1.com

Audi R8 e-tron (2026) presented by Motor1.com

The graphical reconstruction of our rendering imagines what this hypothetical R8 e-tron could look like. The new Audi should largely retain the silhouette of the current model and could be built, at least in part, by hand.

The shape should still be taut and similar to that of a mid-engined car, with reduced front overhangs and a "domed" design to maximise aerodynamics (which could make use of active elements capable of varying their inclination according to speed). New headlamp technology is expected, as well as a true sci-fi cockpit and extreme performance.

The platform

According to Autocar, the next-generation R8 could be developed on an adapted variant of the SSP platform. This architecture will incorporate components from the MEB and EPP platforms and is due to go into production in 2027.

According to Oliver Hoffman, Audi's Technical Director, who spoke to the British magazine, this platform will underpin 80% of the Volkswagen Group's models in the coming years.

The platform will be able to accommodate powertrains with outputs of up to 1,700 PS. The 'Sport' variant will also give rise to the Porsche K1, a large 7-seater electric SUV.

Gallery: Audi R8 e-tron (2026) rendered by Motor1.com