Dacia has unveiled a new warranty programme in the United Kingdom, Dacia Zen, promising owners up to seven years of full vehicle warranty. Exclusive to Dacia vehicles up to six years old and with mileage below 75,000 miles, Dacia Zen is automatically renewed free of charge after each annual service conducted by an official retailer of the Romanian brand.

For Dacia owners, the process couldn't be simpler. Upon expiration of the standard three-year warranty, a routine service at any local retailer ensures another year of hassle-free driving.

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Even owners who previously serviced their vehicles outside the official Dacia network can benefit from Dacia Zen. As long as the manufacturer's maintenance guidelines were adhered to and documented, eligibility for Dacia Zen is assured upon the next service at an official Dacia retailer.

“Owning a Dacia is all about adventure, but that doesn’t mean that owners should have to worry about the unexpected. The reliability and durability of our vehicles is well documented, but Dacia Zen gives our customers even more reassurance. In the unlikely event of an issue, Dacia Zen means they won’t have to pay out for any repairs and can spend the money on the things that they really want and enjoy,” Steve Whitcombe, head of Dacia UK aftersales commented.

Dacia Zen provides comprehensive coverage, rivalling that of a new car warranty, despite being applicable to vehicles that have aged on the roads and accumulated significant mileage.