Length : 4.173 metres

Width : 1.781 metres

Height : 1.535 metres

Wheelbase : n.a.

Luggage compartment : 400/n.d. litres

The Alfa Romeo Milano finally makes its appearance, positioning itself at the base of the brand's range with its 4.17 metre length, 35 cm shorter than the Tonale. A small SUV (or B-SUV if you prefer), suitable for both city and motorway driving and powered, for the first time in the history of the Biscione, by 100% electric motors, supported by light hybrid units.

This is a major step forward for Alfa Romeo, but one that does not penalise load capacity regardless of the type of engine chosen as the litres available remain the same.

Alfa Romeo Milano, dimensions

The Alfa Romeo Milano is 4.17 metres (4,173 mm) long, 1.78 metres (1,718 mm) wide and 1.53 metres (1,535 mm) or 1.5 metres (1,505 mm) high, depending on whether you choose the normal or the sporty 240 PS version. The wheelbase, the distance between the centres of the front and rear wheels, has not been disclosed, but is expected to be 2.56 metres, like that of its 'cousins' the Fiat 600 and Jeep Avenger.

Alfa Romeo Milan

Alfa Romeo Milan

Alfa Romeo Milano, space and luggage compartment  

One of the styling details most often mentioned at the presentation of the Alfa Romeo Milano was the truncated rear end, a reference to the Alfa Zagato signature. A tribute to the past, but not the only one. The design is functional in terms of both aerodynamics and load space. The vertical design has resulted in a boot capacity of 400 litres, one of the best in its category, with a very regular design, and this is true regardless of the type of engine chosen.

Small on the outside and big on the inside, even in the passenger compartment where the Alfa Romeo Milano offers good space both at the front and in the rear, with a regularly shaped bench seat and no central tunnel, so as not to penalise those sitting in the middle. The width of 1.78 metres is not abundant and three adults can sit in cramped conditions. Legs and heads have enough centimetres to avoid touching the front seatbacks and roof.

Alfa Romeo Milan, the coffers

Alfa Romeo Milan, the boot

Alfa Romeo Milano, l'intérieur

Alfa Romeo Milano, the interior

The Alfa Romeo Milano's motor range includes 156 or 240 PS electric and the 1.2-liter light hybrid with 136 PS, combined with front-wheel drive or Q4 all-wheel drive. It is currently available only as a Special Launch version, priced at €31,900 for the electrified version and €41,500 for the electric version (UK pricing TBC). 

Model Power Fuel Transmission
Alfa Romeo Milano EV 156 PS electric Front
Alfa Romeo Milano Veloce 240 PS ELECTRIC electric Front
Alfa Romeo Milano Hybrid 136 PS Light Hybrid Front

Alfa Romeo Milano, competitors with similar dimensions

As a small premium SUV, the Alfa Romeo Milano's direct competitors in the premium segment are the Audi Q2, the Volvo EX30 and the DS 3. The former has no electric powertrain in its range, the latter is available only with batteries, while the third, based on the same CMP platform as the Milano, replicates its offering.

Widening our gaze, we find the 'cousins' Fiat 600, Opel Mokka and Jeep Avenger (the shortest of the lot) as well as the Ford Puma, also set to go electric later this year, and the Mini Aceman, due to arrive later this year.

Model Length Luggage compartment
Audi Q2 4,21 405/1,050 litres
DS 3 4,12 350/1,050 litres
Fiat 600 4.17 metres 360/1,231 litres
Ford Puma 4.18 metres 456/
Jeep Avenger 4.08 metres 380/ litre
Opel Mokka 4.15 metres 350/1 105 litres