Manhart gets its hands on the new BMW M2. The German tuner has put the finishing touches to its first work on the new generation of the Bavarian sports car.

It's an uncompromising transformation on the part of Manhart, which has thoroughly revised the M2's bodywork, settings and engine, making it more powerful than an M8.

The full potential of the 6-cylinder

As far as the engine is concerned, the MH2 GTR (as Manhart has renamed the M2) can count on a completely updated 3.0-litre twin-turbo. On the S58, the German engineers have revised the ECU settings and added a new intake system, boosting total power to 715 PS and 850 Nm.

BMW M2 by Manhart (MH2 GTR)

BMW M2 by Manhart (MH2 GTR)

BMW M2 by Manhart (MH2 GTR)
BMW M2 by Manhart (MH2 GTR)

The increase of 255 PS and 300 Nm over the standard model enables the BMW to accelerate from 62 to 124 mph in just 5.76 seconds. There is no data on top speed or 0-60 mph, but it is highly likely that these figures will be in excess of 155 mph and under 4.1 seconds respectively.

To give the M2 a new voice, a new exhaust system with 100 mm tailpipes and electronically controlled valves has been fitted.

It wants to be noticed

Manhart's BMW is anything but shy. In fact, we find a magenta-coloured body kit with gold decals and rather voluminous aerodynamic appendages. Specifically, the M2 sports a new double kidney grille, new bumper inserts, a splitter and a gigantic fixed rear spoiler.

BMW M2 by Manhart (MH2 GTR)

BMW M2 by Manhart (MH2 GTR), le 3.0 S58

21-inch alloy wheels (with 285/30 tyres at the front and 305/25 at the rear) make the German tuner's creature even more menacing, while the KW Variant 4 suspension has lowered the car by several centimetres.

To top it all off, Manhart has removed the rear seats and added a roll bar, preparing this M2 for the track. Price? On request only.

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