The VW California? A classic. The Ford Nugget? Same. Then there's the Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo or the Citroën Holidays. And we don't even need to start listing all the other compact camper vans from conversion companies here, but there still wouldn't be any really cool eye-catchers. That's why we'd be kind of happy if German tuning firm Irmscher actually brought this extroverted vanlife dream onto the market in exactly the same way.

According to the tuner, the new Ford Transit Custom forms "an ideal basis for a fresh new vehicle concept". And that is why the specially founded Irmscher Van Systems department has designed a similar vehicle concept as a rendering. The result is the Irmscher Custom "Spirit". An off-road capable and compact camper van in a rather striking colour.

Gallery: Irmscher Custom Spirit

In addition to the bright yellow/green colour scheme, it is visually striking that the "Spirit" has been widened quite a bit compared to the normal Ford van and has also been raised so that it does not have to stop on any terrain. In addition, there is a front spoiler lip, a front bumper guard, oval step pipes, a rear skirt attachment and a rear spoiler, which is even said to have an additional aerodynamic function.

The 18-inch rims are fitted with off-road tyres and the newly developed "Cross Star Design" is available in black or with colour applications. Irmscher also offers the "Heli Star Design" in black or in a polished finish as an option. A spare tyre has also been fitted at the rear. There is a carrier system with a light bar for the roof, which can and should apparently accommodate plenty of additional bulky goods.

The interior is trimmed for camper use. This is why the so-called "Irmscher I Box" is on board, which is designed as a modular installation and removal system and combines a sleeping, kitchen and shower module.

Even though the tuner is still examining whether a small series of the model should be produced, there is already good news. Almost all the individual parts can already be purchased from any Irmscher dealer or online.