The Pagani Zonda was presented to the public in 1999. 2024 will therefore mark the 25th anniversary of this very important model for the atelier of San Cesario sul Panaro, which has thus chosen to pay homage to it in collaboration with the IED of Turin.

The Italian manufacturer and the University dedicated to design, in fact, have created the concept car you can see in these photos. It is called the Pagani Alisea and aims to imagine a Zonda of the future.

Sleek and sporty

The Pagani Alisea is nothing more than the imagination of a hypothetical Zonda of the future. It was designed by the 24 students of the Master in Transportation Design 2022/2023 and unveiled in the setting of the Reggia di Venaria Reale.

As you can see from the photos, it is a concept that is both analogue and technological, taking almost forgotten concepts and projecting them into the next 25 years.

Pagani Alisea

Pagani Alisea, the rear

In this respect, it has not been fitted with any decorative elements to interrupt the surfaces, which measure 4,522 mm in length, 2,055 mm in width and 1,070 mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,794 mm.

Its rounded lines are defined by an imaginary ellipse, ideally linking the front and rear, framing a teardrop-shaped cockpit that concludes in the iconic and historic four circular tailpipes, which are connected to the powerful AMG V12 engine.

Pagani Alisea

Pagani Alisea, the front

At the front, the headlights have been designed as continuous elements with the bonnet, while at the rear, the taillights have been designed with a series of backlit parametric elements.

But that's not all. There are also a number of specific aerodynamic surfaces, such as the active spoiler, side skirts and splitter, all painted in the same colour to make the surfaces almost completely connected in a single silhouette.

Pagani Alisea

Pagani Alisea 2024

Designer interiors

Just like the exterior, the interior of the Pagani Alisea is designed with essential lines. The dashboard, for example, has been designed as a single elliptical element that incorporates analogue tachometers and, in the background, a digital screen.

Connected to it, there is then an analogue panel that preserves the physicality and tactile approach dear to Horacio Pagani, something that can also be seen in the manual gear lever positioned in the centre of the cockpit. Finally, the steering wheel features elaborate upholstery work that combines colours and stitching, creating coherence and continuity with the seats.

Pagani Alisea

Pagani Alisea, the cockpit

Pagani Alisea
Pagani Alisea

The 1:1 scale model will enrich IED's prestigious collection of concept cars created in collaboration with the world's leading car manufacturers, with the support of the technical sponsors.

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