Forward, we march back: the Mercedes EQS will once again have the traditional star on the bonnet, and instead of the black panel there will be something like a traditional grille again in the future - even if it doesn't let any air through. There is also up to 51 miles more range for the saloon flagship.

As expected, the Mercedes EQS will now have the 118 kWh battery from the EQS SUV instead of the 108 kWh battery previously used. This increases the maximum range of the EQS 450 4Matic from 445 to 496 miles. That is an increase in range of more than 11 per cent. The version with the longest range, the EQS 450+, even exceeds the 500-mile mark at 424 to 511 miles.

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As already rumoured, the EQS will also have the Mercedes star on the bonnet again. The Electric Art Line now features a new "radiator grille" with horizontal chrome elements as standard. However, these are incorporated flush with the surface. This grille is combined with a classic Mercedes star on the bonnet.

Mercedes EQS (2024)

Neuer EQS

Mercedes EQS 580 4Matic

Alter EQS

The towing capacity of the EQS and EQE with all-wheel drive has also been increased from 750 to 1,700 kilograms. This puts them on a similar level to the SUV derivatives, meaning that they can also tow many horse trailers.

Mercedes is also introducing a new brake disc function. Because electric cars use hydraulic braking less frequently due to the recuperative braking, there is a risk of rust. In future, the pads will therefore be automatically applied to the discs from time to time.

<p>Der Hyperscreen und neue Luftdüsen sind nun serienmäßig</p>

The Hyperscreen and new air vents now come as standard

The Rear Comfort Plus package with executive seats for an additional €3,868 (UK pricing TBC) now also includes a sloping footrest at the rear right-hand side of the rear, which is designed to improve rear seat comfort. The package also includes a folding front passenger seat, adjustable rear seat backrests, heated rear seats and seat depth adjustment.

Another new feature of the EQS is the automatic lane change: If a slower vehicle is travelling ahead, the car can initiate the lane change itself at speeds of 50 to 87 mph without the driver having to activate the indicators.

Not new, but perhaps not yet known, is that:

  • the rear seat package is standard in the EQS. This allows the rear seat backrests to be adjusted from 27 to 36 degrees
  • the MBUX Hyperscreen is now standard in the EQS
  • the heat pump is now standard. The waste heat from the inverter, the electric motor and the battery can be used to heat the interior.
  • the Disconnect Unit (DCU) decouples the front axle on the all-wheel drive models when it is not needed
  • the recuperation level of the EQS has been raised to up to 3 m/s2
  • maintenance is included for the first 6 years or 90,000 km (55,000 miles)
  • the EQS also enables key sharing with the Keyless Go convenience package: you can authorise others to use it digitally
  • The other EVA2 models will also benefit from many of the aforementioned improvements

In Germany (UK market TBC) the new EQS can be ordered from 25 April 2024. Despite the upgraded standard equipment, the base prices remain unchanged. The EQS should be available from €109,551. The old version still appears in the price list. Sales of the Manufactur Selection, a special EQS edition for an additional €16,601, will also start on 25 April.

The bottom line

The EQS is supposed to have become "even more status-conscious"? Well, yes. With the old-fashioned radiator grille, the brand is as polarising as ever: even in the 1960s, the star was the symbol of the established middle classes, which is why it was often broken off. The fact that the thing is now coming back is, to us at least, backward-looking. On the other hand, we are happy to celebrate the increased range at 511 miles, the EQS now almost reaches the level of the number one, the Lucid Air Grand Touring with 521 miles.

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