The electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class has been talked about for three years now, since its debut as a concept at the 2021 Munich Motor Show. Now we are very close to the presentation of the production version, scheduled for 24 April on the occasion of the press day at the Beijing Motor Show 2024.

An important debut that revolutionises the 40-year history of the Star's off-roader, born in 1979 and accustomed to being driven solely and exclusively by combustion engines, petrol or diesel. However, times change and so do powertrains, even for icons like the G-Class.

Goodbye EQ?

The press release announcing the presentation of the electric Mercedes G-Class contains no technical specifications, but it does give one important piece of information: the name. The battery-powered version of the Gelandewagen will, in fact, not adopt the EQ suffix and will be called the G 580. As anticipated some time ago, Mercedes electric cars will gradually abandon the acronym that still identifies them today. This is because Stuttgart is preparing to become 100 per cent electric by 2030 and it will therefore no longer make sense to adopt a dedicated badge. 

<p>Mercedes Classe G elettrica, le foto del prototipo</p>

Mercedes electric G-Class, photos of the prototype

Having said that, the Mercedes G 580 (does that number indicate power?) claims an average consumption of between 27.7 and 30.3 kWh/100km (2.2 and 2.0 mi/kWh) and, considering the presence of 100 kW batteries, as anticipated some time ago, a range of around 199 miles. Not a lot, but you have to take into account a weight that should reach at least 2.6 tonnes (the Mercedes EQS SUV weighs 2,600 or more kilos) and a Cx certainly not favourable.

Despite the change of propulsion, the Mercedes G-Class will retain the same styling as the classic version, which was updated a few days ago. On a mechanical level, the G 580 will be fitted with four electric motors, one for each wheel, which will allow it to move nimbly off-road and even perform amazing stunts, such as being able to rotate 360 degrees.

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