We are in the middle of the weekend and it is always a good time to get to know those vehicles with which we spend our free time. Alone or with the family, motorhomes and camper vans are experiencing their own particular moment of splendour, especially after the pandemic we experienced four years ago.

As you know, there are models for all tastes and needs: large, small, affordable or extraordinarily expensive and exclusive. The one in question here is a prototype that explores the concept of what the motorhomes of the future could look like. It is the work of specialist AC Future and design house Pininfarina, and the end result is quite attractive.

Gallery: AC Future and Pininfarina motorhome of the future

AC Future is a small American start-up, based in Silicon Valley, which has enlisted the design help of Pininfarina to 'draw' its proposal for a futuristic motorhome, which it has called Electric Transformer House (eTH).

In reality, it is a kind of luxurious home on wheels, so that owners can feel at home even in the most remote and inhospitable places. Thanks to a curious folding system, the eTH brings together the worlds of physical and digital interconnectivity, applied to the field of recreational vehicles.

AC Future y Pininfarina autocaravana de futuro

The Californian company's debut took place at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, where it presented its proposed motorhome of the future to the world. Despite its square appearance, the eTH has a fold-out chassis that turns the seemingly limited space into a much larger and more functional area. In addition, the company claims that its vehicle is designed for 100% electric powertrains as well as combustion engines.

With a length of 6 metres, the eTH is only 15 cm longer than a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. To achieve the complete transformation, a push of a button is all it takes, and the side and rear walls of the vehicle fold out, for a living area of 37 m2.

AC Future y Pininfarina autocaravana de futuro

Once 'camped' with the motorhome unfolded, as you can see in the pictures, the living module becomes a flat that lacks nothing. The master bedroom is located at the rear, while a fully functional living/bedroom 'appears' on the driver's side. A bathroom and a kitchenette complete the basic elements of this motorhome of the future.

AC Future y Pininfarina autocaravana de futuro

But there are more interesting features. For example, the roof of the eTH houses solar panels capable of providing up to a week's worth of energy needs on board the motorhome, according to Pininfarina. In addition, thanks to a water filtering module, it is able to recover and purify ambient humidity (up to 50 litres per day) for use inside the motorhome.

AC Future y Pininfarina autocaravana de futuro

Another curious detail is the driver's cab area, which once parked, the driver and passenger area becomes a working office. The steering wheel retracts and the dashboard becomes a kind of desk, complete with monitor. In any case, little is known about the price or definitive technical data, apart from the fact that the company intends to have its first prototype ready this summer and start production in 2025.