You were shocked by this image of an Audi R8 converted into a Seat, weren't you? Us too, even though it's a digital recreation from a few years ago created by Borja Pérez Loren. Anyway, there's no denying that we'd love to dream of a supercar from the Spanish brand. 

After all, it would represent a concept never imagined for any mainstream automaker and, moreover, it could have become a reality thanks to the brutal synergies that exist in the Volkswagen Group, so that the cost of developing the vehicle would not have been prohibitive. 

SEAT R8 2024

Seat V10, brutal!

Just take the R8 (recently discontinued) and slightly adapt the car's aesthetics. Of course, the Seat supercar would have kept the wonderful 5.2-litre V10 naturally aspirated engine, sourced from Lamborghini (also part of the VW Group). However, the power output would certainly not have reached the Audi's 620 PS or the Huracán EVO's 640 PS. 

To imagine, a convertible version would also be great for those who want to experience high performance with the sky for a roof and listening to the mechanical melody through the exhausts. 

Recreación SEAT coupé

A few days ago we also told you about a beautiful Seat coupé version of the Audi A5, and the truth is that, from the comments left on our social networks, you'd think it's a great idea. Too bad it won't be a reality!

What seems obvious is that SUVs generate high profitability for manufacturers, but offering niche cars creates a very positive brand image, which could also be beneficial on a commercial level, as it would go from being mainstream to 'aspirational'.  

An impossible dream

Returning to the Spanish supercar, the grille, headlights and bodywork are perfectly adapted to the vehicle's demeanour. The side would remain untouched, except for the specific alloy wheels created by the Spanish brand. 

A Seat that's close to 3 seconds in 0-60 and costs more than £150,000? It sounds very, very crazy, but that's an impossible proposition. We'll settle for the Martorell-based firm continuing its trajectory in good financial health and having a future in the electric era from 2035 onwards.

Source: Carscoops

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