The new Transporter will be launched in Europe at the beginning of 2025. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has now announced further details on the interior and load compartment of its completely newly developed Transporter generation, the T7, which was developed in parallel with the similar Ford Transit/Tourneo Custom in a joint venture.

Like the Multivan and the ID. Buzz, the new van will also be launched with a digital cockpit landscape as standard. The load compartment also offers major advantages over the now superseded Transporter 6.1, as the new basic version with normal wheelbase shows its load compartment grew in length by 61 mm; the width between the wheel arches even improved by 148 mm.

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All owners of a T6.1 will be familiar with the typically high seating position, the wide door sill and the high position of the selector lever of the new Transporter generation. At least according to Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. In front of the driver, the new digital cockpit landscape is clearly visible on a visual axis. It consists of the freely configurable 12-inch instruments ("Digital Cockpit" with a diagonal diameter of 30 cm) and the 13-inch touchscreen (33 cm diameter) of the standard infotainment system (including DAB+ and wireless "App Connect" with Apple CarPlay / Android Auto).

As usual, the light functions are located to the left of the steering wheel, with the buttons for important vehicle functions, menus and the audio volume in a bar to the right. The touchscreen of the infotainment system is located above it. At the bottom of the screen is a permanent display bar with the main climate control functions, including operation of the seat heating. In the centre is the large home screen with freely assignable tiles.

Neuer Volkswagen Transporter T7 2024 - Innenausstattung

Above the home screen, there is a permanent bar with various standard information (such as outside temperature or smartphone charge status) and a home button that can be used to return to the main menu with just one click.

Also standard is a new multifunction steering wheel with buttons that should be easy to operate even when wearing gloves. As in the Multivan and ID. Buzz, the new Transporter now also has an electronic parking brake plus auto-hold function. The operation of the parking brake has been moved to the control panel, freeing up more space in the footwell for a possible step-through to the rear - depending on the equipment.

Volkswagen Transporter T7 2024

As a panel van, the new Transporter is equipped with two individual seats at the front as standard. Three seats are also available as an option at the front (driver's seat plus two-seater bench). In addition, the Transporter can be equipped with up to three easily removable individual seats in the second row, and at a later date also with a three-seater bench in the third row.

The new Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Transporter will also be the only commercial vehicle in this class to be available with a double cab for the flatbed version. In this case, there are six seats on board: driver's seat plus a two-seater bench seat in the first row and a three-seater bench seat in the second row. There is a choice of robust fabric upholstery and two imitation leather variants.

Volkswagen Transporter T7 2024

5.8 to 9.0 cubic metres of load space: The new Transporter is 5,050 mm long, which is 146 mm longer than its predecessor. The wheelbase has also increased by 97 mm to 3,100 mm, and there will be an optional 400 mm longer wheelbase (overall length: 5,450 mm). At 2,032 mm, the Transporter offers an exterior width that is 128 mm wider than its predecessors (excluding rear-view mirrors). The maximum width between the wheel arches has been increased by a significant 148 mm to 1,392 mm.

According to VW, Euro pallets can now be stowed "with ease". The load compartment length on the floor of the van with a normal wheelbase is 2,602 mm - this corresponds to an increase of 61 mm; with an extended wheelbase, the load compartment length increases to 3,002 mm.

Thanks to the increase in external length, width and wheelbase, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has been able to significantly increase the load volume of the new Transporter. The largest stowage volume with normal wheelbase and for all drive types grew by practically two moving boxes and now amounts to 5.8 m3. The version with a long wheelbase and high roof will be able to hold up to 9.0 m3. The load compartment, which can be configured with various partition walls, can be customised to the company's specific requirements.

Volkswagen Transporter T7 2024

Despite its generous dimensions, the new van with a height of less than 2.0 metres (normal roof) fits into all standard multi-storey car parks. With a turning circle of just 11.8 metres (normal wheelbase), the Transporter also takes tight bends with ease when manoeuvring. In addition, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has ensured that this automotive tool for professionals can also carry the weight that it can load in terms of volume: the maximum payload is up to 1.33 tonnes. And even if that is not enough, the new Transporter generation can pull trailers weighing up to 2.8 tonnes.

The new Transporter will be launched on the German market at the beginning of 2025. Here, the Transporter will be offered with significantly extended standard equipment compared to the T6.1 and an 110 PS turbodiesel (TDI) as a panel van from €36,780 and as a flatbed van with crew cab from €39,130 (net in each case). All Transporter customers receive a binding price guarantee until delivery in the coming year.

This brings us to the price overview. On the left is the price in euros on the German market without VAT, on the right with VAT, in each case for the basic version with 110 PS and manual transmission. The 150 PS version is also manually shifted, but there is an optional 8-speed automatic transmission. This is standard on the 170 PS diesel, while the 150 PS diesel is available as a combination of automatic and all-wheel drive.

VW Transporter (2025) net gross
Transporter panel van €36,780 €43,768.20
Transporter panel van Plus €38,525 €45,844.75
Transporter panel van with L-shaped partition wall €39,990 €47,588.10
Transporter flatbed Doka €39,130 €46,564.70