Lamborghini Temerario. Take note of this name, because it could be that of the successor to the Huracan. For the moment, there's nothing official, but the information is not implausible. It comes from the European Patent Office, where the Sant'Agata company registered the name 'Temerario' on 2 April 2024, with customised font lettering.

What is curious is that the name was registered by Lamborghini not only for products in the world of cars and related products (electric cars, tyres, body components, etc.), but also for everything to do with electronics (smartphones, computers, etc.), clothing and model making.

Making an image

To go into more detail, the word Temerario consists of the letters 'T' and 'O' with graphic elements reminiscent of the horns of a bull. In fact, Temerario is not just an adjective, but undoubtedly refers to - we're not experts in bullfighting and bullfighting - Begoña's 'Temerario', a specimen currently alive and well and described, according to some information on the web, as courageous, very noble and emotional.

<p>L'erede della Lamborghini Huracan nel nostro render in esclusiva</p>

The heir to the Lamborghini Huracan in our exclusive rendering

Naturally, this information should be taken with a grain of salt, and 'Temerario' may not be the name of the Huracan's replacement. However, the answer will come in a few months' time, when the new Lamborghini makes its world debut, with renewed styling and, above all, an all-new powertrain.

The new 'little one' from Sant'Agata will be powered by a hybrid V8. We don't yet know if it's a plug-in or something else that is capable of making very high power output despite a supercharger. All we can do now is wait and be patient.