A good year ago, the ominous Porsche K1 project was last widely publicised in the media. There was talk of an electric SUV coupe with three rows of seats with absolute luxury class. Visually somewhere between a saloon and a crossover, CEO Mark Blume himself touted it as a "very sporty interpretation of an SUV" with a "unique" silhouette. 

Now our spy hunters have shot a prototype of the Cayenne's still nameless big brother for the first time and we are admittedly a little confused. What we see here is clearly still extremely heavily camouflaged and rough panelling on various body parts prevents any serious statements about the shape of the K1. 

Gallery: Porsche K1 (2027) spy photos

Nevertheless, it has to be said that we are a long way from a silhouette "somewhere between a saloon and a crossover". We'll be honest, this test vehicle looks pretty weird. 

The relatively low ride height suits the crossover character. A multi-adjustable air suspension system is used to ensure sufficient off-road capability. The track (also in terms of ground clearance) could therefore be very wide. The bonnet and rear end look quite short. In general, the car does not look particularly large in these pictures, not to mention accommodating seven people. 

Porsche K1 (2027) als Erlkönig
Porsche K1 (2027) als Erlkönig

The luxury crossover is due to be launched in 2027. That's still three years away and yet, according to our photographers, the supposed K1 prototype can already be seen driving around quite vigorously. Does that makes sense? Are we perhaps seeing the new edition of the Cayenne announced for 2026? This in turn seems incompatible with the low ground clearance and the very flat roofline. However, it remains exciting. 

Speaking of which, there has also been wild speculation online about the technology of the K1 project. Some wrote that the car would be based on the SSP Sport platform (Scalable Systems Platform). Our colleague Leichsenring from our sister site InsideEVs.de took a different view at the time and pointed to its postponement towards the end of the decade due to software problems. 

Porsche Macan (2024)

Porsche Macan (2024)

The alternative would be the base PPE, i.e. the platform used by the recently presented Porsche Macan. Some of the technology is to be taken from the Mission R study, which was shown at the IAA in Munich in 2021. This includes a 920-volt electrical system for very fast charging (5 to 80 per cent in 15 minutes) and oil cooling for the electric motors. The battery is said to have a storage capacity of more than 100 kWh and enable a range of over 435 miles.

There is also talk of 650 PS continuous power and up to 1,000 PS at the peak. Rear-wheel steering with a steering angle of up to five degrees is intended to improve manoeuvrability in the city. 

The new luxury flagship from Zuffenhausen will be their fifth electric car. It will follow the Taycan, the soon-to-be-launched electric Macan, the electric Boxster and electric Cayman sports car pairing planned for 2025 and the electric version of the Cayenne, which is due to be launched in 2026.

The flagship will compete against Mercedes EQS SUV and BMW iX. The price is expected to be far higher than that of the current flagship: The Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT is available from £154,000. The USA and China are named as the main markets.

The car will be built alongside the electric Macan at the Porsche plant in Leipzig. Unit numbers will be significantly lower than the Cayenne, but the high margin should justify the development costs. By 2030, Porsche aims to generate over 80 per cent of its sales with electric cars.