The BMW Group and Tata Technologies, the Indian engineering and digital services company, announced recently that they have signed an agreement to form a joint venture with the aim of setting up several new software and IT development centres in India.

The new facilities will be built in Pune, Bangalore and Chennai with the main research and development activities for cars taking place in the first two locations, while the third will concentrate the company's IT solutions.

From India to the world

The new joint venture between the BMW Group and the Tata Group will leverage the Indian company's vast experience in digital engineering to contribute to the German company's global strategic expansion.

In particular, the aim of the agreement will be to develop new systems for autonomous driving, new software for infotainment systems and new digital services. 

BMW Vision Nuova Classe X (2024)

BMW Vision Neue Klasse X (2024)

The engineers will therefore be tasked with focusing on software coding capabilities, the strategic development of software to implement new functions in the cars of the future, and the study of solutions for software-defined vehicles (SDVs), i.e. all those cars of the future that will have all electrical components managed by a single operating system that can be continuously updated.

The new joint venture will employ around 100 professionals from Tata Technologies in this first phase, with the aim of further growth in the coming years.

Christoph Grote, Senior Vice President of Software and E/E Architecture at BMW Group said:

"Our collaboration with Tata Technologies will accelerate our progress in the field of Software Defined Vehicle (SDV). In international comparison, India boasts a large number of talents with exceptional software skills, who can contribute to our software expertise."

"Developing vehicle software for BMW Group means working with world-class processes and tools, which in turn give Indian software engineers the ability to model cutting-edge, premium automotive experiences in future fields such as highly automated driving and artificial intelligence."

Nachiket Paranjpe, president of automotive sales at Tata Technologies, commented:

"In the evolving automotive landscape, the journey towards a software-defined vehicle represents a fundamental shift in automotive software and vehicle development methodologies."

"We will leverage our deep domain knowledge and SDV expertise to collaborate with the BMW Group towards vehicles that are not only technologically advanced, but can also deliver exceptional experiences to consumers around the world."