In a recent announcement, Porsche revealed that its family of 718-generation models, including the Boxster and Cayman, will no longer be available for purchase in the European Union due to safety concerns. The German automaker cited compliance issues with EU legislation, particularly in relation to cybersecurity laws set to come into effect in July this year.

In an email statement to, the German automaker stated, "In the European Union and some states that apply EU legislation, the combustion-powered 718 models will not be available indefinitely." However, this development does not affect the United Kingdom.

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The UK, not bound by the same EU legislation in this instance, will continue to offer the Boxster, and Cayman, as well as the Macan, for sale. The forthcoming EU cybersecurity laws mandate that vehicles failing to meet the specified requirements will be ineligible for registration. This regulation applies universally across all manufacturers and to both electric and internal combustion engine vehicles. But it does not apply to the UK, AutoExpress has learned.

“As a result, sale of the 718 models with an internal combustion engine is discontinued in the EU and some states that apply EU legislation from now on, thereby ensuring that the vehicles can be delivered to customers and registered by the deadline. In regions where the relevant EU legislation is not applied, the 718 models with an internal combustion engine can remain available for longer,” Porsche told us.

The company also clarified that the 718 Cayman GT4 RS and 718 Spyder RS models remain unaffected by the regulatory changes due to "small series regulations." Consequently, these models will continue to be available to European buyers even after the implementation of the new regulations.