Length : 4.660 metres

Width : 1.865 metres

Height : 1.670 metres

Wheelbase : 2.690 metres

Luggage compartment : 545/1,411 litres

Introduced in 2014 the Lexus NX was significantly updated in 2022 with the second generation. Aesthetics and dimensions have been revised increasing the Japanese SUV by a few centimetres to the benefit of habitability and load capacity.

Notable changes have also been made to the powertrain. In addition to the traditional hybrid system, a 306 PS rechargeable powertrain is also available. These differences do not affect boot space.

Lexus NX, dimensions

The Lexus NX is 4.66 metres long (4,660 mm), 1.86 metres wide (1,865 mm), 1.67 metres high (1,670 mm) and its wheelbase, the distance between the centres of the front and rear wheels, is 2.69 metres (2,690 mm). These dimensions place it in segment D, the mid-size SUV segment.

<p>Lexus NX, l'anteriore</p>

Lexus NX, l'avant

<p>Lexus NX, il posteriore</p>

Lexus NX, l'arrière

Lexus NX, interior space and luggage compartment

Generous exterior dimensions enable the Lexus NX to offer good interior space at the front and rear. The front seats are well designed, sporty but not overly so, and the rear bench offers soft padding on the seat and backrest, even in the middle. There's plenty of head, leg and foot room, and the centre tunnel isn't too bulky, so as not to get in the way of those in the middle.

The boot has a capacity of 545 litres regardless of whatever engine you choose because the batteries are housed in the floor of the car. The space is regular in shape and well finished, but unfortunately the shelf cannot be arranged on two levels. A very practical feature is the microfibre rear parcel shelf which, once folded, can be stowed away without cluttering up the boot.

<p>Lexus NX, gli interni</p>

Lexus NX, le tableau de bord

<p>Lexus NX, il bagagliaio</p>

Lexus NX, le coffre

The rear backrest folds in a 60:40 pattern, but there is no practical central hatch for passing longer objects through.

As mentioned, the engine range is fully electrified and includes the 243 PS 2.5-litre full hybrid and the 306 PS plug-in.

Engine Power Power Transmission
Lexus NX 350h 243 PS Full hybrid petrol Automatic
Lexus NX 450h 306 PS Petrol full hybrid Automatic

Lexus NX, competitors with similar dimensions

The Lexus NX is part of a tough segment. It includes the usual competitors such as the Audi Q5, BMW X3, Mercedes GLC and Volvo XC60. These are top-of-the-range SUVs with different levels of electrification, as well as all-wheel drive.

Model Length Luggage compartment (min/max)
Lexus NX 4.66 metres 545/1,411 litres
Audi Q5 4.65 metres 465/1 405 litres (PHEV)
520/1 520 litres
BMW X3 4.73 metres 450/1,500 litres (PHEV)
550/1,600 litres
Mercedes GLC 4.72 metres 470/1,530 litres (PHEV)
620/1,680 litres
Volvo XC60 4.71 metres 468/1 395 litres (PHEV)
483/1 410 litres

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