With the Easter holidays in full swing, it is clear that many are already starting to plan a summer in which, for sure, a recreational vehicle will be the star of those days of rest, either as a couple or as a family.

However, with a trendy and growing sector, it is becoming increasingly difficult, if not impossible, to find a camper that can be bought cheaply.

Even on the second-hand motorhome market, prices have risen, although there are still some interesting used models available.

Simple and inexpensive camper for travelling as a couple

Here's an example of an inexpensive conversion model that is almost impossible to find. This cheap preparation of a camper is based on the Lada Granta (a brand that is also known for the legendary off-road Lada Niva).

Knowing its Russian origin, you probably already suspect that there are some problems. Never officially imported to Western Europe, after the start of the Ukrainian war this Lada motorcar has appeared in Spain.

And beyond the registration, sourcing of parts and servicing challenges, there is the matter of Renault's exit from Russia, breaking ties with AvtoVAZ, which was the manufacturer of the Granta, as a 'twin' of the Dacia Logan.

Gallery: Lada Granta Camper

A cheap modular motorhome for holidays

So what does this model offer for €13,200 (approx. £11,300)? For starters, it is a compact, modular model, 5 metres long, which is perfect for meeting the needs of a couple.

To this end, it offers a bed, measuring 1.98 x 1.58 metres, and a complete kitchen, with a hob, sink and cupboard. There is also a bathroom with washbasin, toilet and shower, served by a 70-litre clean water tank and a 45-litre waste water tank.