The best-selling car in Europe in 2023, the Tesla Model Y is losing ground at the first light of 2024. Jato Dynamics, the market research company, provides a snapshot of the market with its ranking of February registrations on the Old Continent. The Dacia Sandero remains at the top of the overall rankings, while the Model Y takes the lead, far ahead of other fully electric vehicles.

Dacia Sandero, Queen of Europe

With 20,797 deliveries, the sceptre of European four-wheelers goes to the Dacia Sandero, protagonist for over a year in a head-to-head with Elon Musk's electric SUV, in second place with 19,760 sales. This ranking follows that of the previous month.

The Romanian manufacturer's car recorded 25,038 registrations in January, while the Tesla Model Y slipped to 20th place with 11,441 deliveries. These figures underline the contraction in demand for all-electric cars. Today, the American SUV is doing better, thanks to 8,319 more sales than in January. But the top step of the podium is still at 1,037 units.

Foto - Prova della Dacia Sandero 2023

Dacia Sandero 2023

Nuova Tesla Model Y (2024), il render di

Tesla Model Y "Juniper", le rendu de Motor1

Tesla's triumph

The electric SUV has no choice but to settle for the title of best-selling electric car. In the BEV rankings alone, the Tesla Model Y is up by 8%, ahead of its sister Model 3, which has won the hearts of 7,912 drivers, recording a handsome 71% increase.

They are followed by the Peugeot 208, the MG4, the Volvo XC40, the BMW i4, the Volvo EX30, the BMW iX 1, the Skoda Enyaq and the Italian Fiat/Abarth 500e, the only cars in the top 10 to show a minus sign. The total number of fully electric cars delivered was 130,672 (+10%).

  1. Tesla Model Y: 19,940 (+8%)*
  2. Tesla Model 3: 7,912 (+71%)
  3. Peugeot e208: 5,322 (+31%)
  4. MG4: 5,231 (+93%)
  5. Volvo XC40: 4,604 (+6%)
  6. BMW i4: 3 748 (+120%)
  7. Volvo EX30: 3 670 (new)
  8. BMW iX1: 3,545 (+121%)
  9. Skoda Enyaq: 3 252 (+1%)
  10. Fiat/Abarth 500e: 3,045 (-37%)

*The figures for the Tesla Model Y in the BEV rankings are not the same as in the general rankings because the databases used are slightly different.