The first Nissan Leaf was launched in 2011. At the time, the Japanese compact car with its decidedly unusual shape was one of the very first all-electric cars to hit the roads. It was followed by a second generation in 2018, but it was far less successful than its predecessor, partly due to a wider market for battery-powered cars.

Now, to relaunch itself, the Leaf is ready for a new lease of life. In fact, a completely new model could appear in mid-2025, both in terms of powertrain and shape.

The evolution of the species

According to some Japanese and American media reports, the new Leaf will be based on the Chill-Out 2021 concept, a very elegant-looking crossover. In essence, its final appearance could be very close to our rendering, in which we tried to give the prototype a 'production' shape.

Nuova Nissan Leaf (2025), il render di

Nouvelle Nissan Leaf (2025),'s rendering

The roofline features a simple arch and clean flanks, while the rear is characterised by a gloss black panel. 

At the same time, we expect the on-board instrumentation to be largely carried over from its larger Ariya sibling, albeit with some possible changes to the layout of controls and graphics.

Batteries and range

Unfortunately, there are still no official details on the engines and batteries of the next Leaf. In any case, it is thought that the Nissan will be based on the CMF-EV platform, the same as that of the Ariya, which houses powertrains made up of 66 and 91 kWh batteries and electric motors with a maximum output of 394 PS. 


Nissan Chill Out Concept, side view

We also know that the Japanese manufacturer has been working on the solid-state battery for some time, even though the brand had revealed a possible launch around 2028. 

Even if we don't find this new generation of batteries super-efficient, it's easy to believe that the future Leaf will improve the range of the current model, with an estimated range of over 186 miles (300 km). 

The price? Reasonably, there will be an upward adjustment to current prices, with a possible starting point of between £30,000 and £34,000.

All that remains is to wait for news from Japan, or rather the UK. It is in the UK that the Leaf will be produced, with work due to start in mid-2025.

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