Ferraris are coveted by many, and the list of celebrities who have owned one (at least one) over the course of history is so long that it's impossible to draw up a name-by-name inventory. Today, the delivery of the first Ferrari Roma in Italy is making headlines, because it belongs to the Italian rapper Fedez, who immediately talked about it on social networks.

Alongside him, there are many famous names who own Ferraris, and we'll mention just a few of them in this article. There are also those who have found themselves on the 'black list', celebrities who, although they can afford a Ferrari, are unable to own one, such as Justin Bieber, Nicolas Cage and Kim Kardashian.

Celebrities and their Ferraris

Today, Fedez showed off his Ferrari Roma as he received the keys in the company of his father Franco Lucia. "Guys, this is the first Ferrari Roma delivered in Italy and it has a canvas roof. We haven't made one for 60 years. How elegant is that? Dad set it up for me," he says on social media, before adding, "He'll drive it more than me."

<p>Ferrari Roma Spider</p>

Ferrari Roma Spider

We don't know exactly how much it cost him (the base price starts at €250,000, but a lot depends on customisation), but we can see that he chose it in light blue with a beige interior. Footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic, meanwhile, was recently photographed in Milan in a Ferrari Purosangue, after treating himself to an SF90 Spider for his birthday.

Guitarist and singer Sammy Hagar, golfer Ian Poulter, F1 driver Lewis Hamilton and even Felipe Massa preferred the LaFerrari.

<p>L'attore Keanu Reeves a Fiorano</p>

Actor Keanu Reeves in a Ferrari 488 GTB

<p>Benjamin Sloss con la moglie Christine</p>

Google exec Benjamin Sloss with wife Christine and her Ferrari FXX K birthday gift

Actor Keanu Reeves visited Fiorano in the 488 GTB, and many other celebrities were welcomed by the company to see and test drive the Prancing Horse supercars (including singer-songwriter John Newman, tennis player Marion Bartoli and Asian pop star JJ Lin).

Actor Rober Downey Jr. owns a Ferrari California T, as does racing driver Sebastian Vettel, who also owns an FXX K. And it was precisely an FXX K that Benjamin Sloss (vice-president of Google) gave his wife Christine for €2.5 million.

Maranello's blacklist

Ferrari has never officially drawn up a blacklist, but rumour has it that some VIPs are not its clients. Nicolas Cage, for example, is said to have advertised his Ferrari without authorisation, which would have prevented him from buying any more, as is boxer Floyd Mayweather, who is said to have sold his Ferrari before a year had passed (the rule is that he cannot sell it in the first year to avoid speculation).

Rapper 50 Cent allegedly said too many bad things about his 488 and Justin Bieber was excluded because he repainted his Ferrari. Kim Kardashian, meanwhile, is said to be disliked by customers because her sources of income do not match Maranello's values.

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