Buying a motorhome for the price of a camper van is a good deal, unless you don't want to travel with a large vehicle. If you don't mind that, look out for this second-hand Renault-based Rimor Kayak 9. 

How would you like to pay just €45,900 (approx. £40,000) for a motorhome with no less than seven sleeping berths and a strong 2.3-litre 145 PS diesel engine? If you're interested in this opportunity, you should know that it's located in Barcelona. 

This model year is 2018 and has around 135,000 kilometres (84,000 miles) on its back. The cabin includes stationary heating to be able to sleep in perfect climatic comfort on cool spring and autumn nights, or also in winter to go skiing, for example.

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Even TV for the children

In the attached photos (just above) you can see the good state of the bodywork and the interior, although it is possible to consult any doubt about it through the link at the end of the article.

If we continue with the conversion, there is a kitchen with a sizeable fridge, as well as a washroom with a separate shower and hot water, so that you can wash up comfortably after a walk or sporting activity. 

Travellers who want to continue watching television in their free time have a television with an aerial at their disposal. There are security locks so that you can go out without fear of theft and there is even a battery and solar panel for self-sufficiency in electricity. 

Everything is well looked after

In case you're wondering, the seven sleeping places come from two bunk beds, along with two other beds in the living room and a final one in the alcove over the cockpit. In case you're into cycling, the good news is that it has a bike rack. 

So, if you have the money, all you need to do is choose your next spring and summer destinations, because with the Rimor Kayak 9 you can travel with family or friends with no limits whatsoever, except for remote places or very small campsites. 

Source and photos: Mundovan