The Pagani Huayra R is the most extreme hypercar from the atelier in San Cesario sul Panaro. Driving it on the track is the dream of many, but it is destined to remain for the very few given its price and the fact that only 30 examples will be produced.

For the dreamers with the biggest wallets and for customers of the iconic hypercar, however, the Emilian company has designed a realistic driving simulator, in collaboration with Racing Unleashed, based on the proven platform Assetto Corsa Pro and with a curved screen and seat derived from racing simulators.

What it looks like

The simulator was designed entirely by the company's design team in over a year's work, combining the search for an object that would match well with the home décor but also be efficient and realistic from a gaming and simulation perspective.

In terms of design, the outer shell was conceived by looking closely at the lines of the Huayra R hypercar and the elliptical shape of the Pagani logo, the latter being used as the basis for numerous details, almost all made of carbon fibre assembled in the atelier's own autoclaves in Emilia.

In addition to the ultra-light material used for the entire body, some aluminium components of the Hi-Fi system and the VR system were machined from billet and, according to the company, the elements that make up the actual driving position - including the steering wheel, pedals, seat and belts -  were borrowed directly from the assembly benches of the precious hypercar.

Advanced computing

To ensure an extremely realistic driving experience, Pagani Automobili's team of engineers and designers developed the software platform - based on Assetto Corsa Pro, we remind you - on 3 axes, to provide the driver with the typical pitch, roll and yaw movements that occur in on-the-limit driving on the track.

The whole thing has been tested and validated in back-to-back tests by professional drivers and development drivers, going from simulator to real hypercar.

Il simulatore di guida realistico di Pagani

Pagani's realistic driving simulator

At the hardware level, the simulator was assembled from a high-performance gaming computer integrated in the base, combined with a curved screen and a dedicated wooden flight case, 3 metres long and 1.2 metres wide.

For audio the body has been equipped with a sophisticated 5.1 system designed to faithfully replicate the sound of Pagani's V12-R engine and its vibrations transmitted from the road, all of which can also be listened to with the VR headphones supplied.

Il simulatore di guida realistico di Pagani

Pagani's realistic driving simulator

One by one for the very few

The simulator has been designed specifically for Huayra R customers, who will receive one in the image and likeness of their own car, and later it will also be available for other users at Pagani dealerships, at an as yet unspecified price.

The possibilities of use will be diverse, including remote training sessions, to train on technical aspects or specific tracks, and the possibility of participating in virtual events in which to test oneself and interact with other customers and enthusiasts.

Il simulatore di guida realistico di Pagani

Pagani's realistic driving simulator

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