Citroën is continuing to work on its global strategy. To this end, the French manufacturer has now unveiled a new model - an SUV coupé called the Basalt Vision. It is part of the C3 family and is due to be launched in South America and India this year. Europe, on the other hand, will be left empty-handed. 

Although the Citroën Basalt Vision is still described as a design study, according to the manufacturer it is already very close to the production model. The company also says that it has combined "the dynamism of a coupé with the robustness of an SUV". In other words, plenty of ground clearance paired with a sleek rear end. It looks a lot like the Fiat Fastback or VW Nivus, which are also being launched in the same markets.

Gallery: Citroën Basalt

The Basalt is to be similar in size to the C3 Aircross. In other words, it will be around 4.30 metres long and the wheelbase will be 2.67 metres. For comparison: the VW Nivus is 4.26 metres long and has a wheelbase of 2.56 metres, while the Fiat Fastback measures 4.42 metres and 2.53 metres respectively. The new Citroën model would therefore be between the two models in terms of overall size, but would have a significantly longer wheelbase and therefore probably more space in the interior. Unfortunately, however, Citroën has not yet managed to publish a picture of the interior.

In South America, the Basalt is to be equipped with a 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbo engine from Fiat, which produces 130 PS at 5,750 rpm. A familiar engine that can also be found in the C3 Aircross. The transmission will be a CVT automatic that can simulate seven gears. We would rule out a manual gearbox at this stage. In India, however, the model will be available with a 1.2-litre turbocharged petrol engine with 110 PS and also an electric version.

It will initially be launched in India, where it will make its debut around the third quarter. According to the company, it will also appear in South America in 2024, and according to the French company's normal schedule, it is very likely that sales will start there in the last quarter.