The Bentley Bentayga S range has been enriched with new styling packages. Developed by the Mulliner division, the new styling choices available for the British SUV are a tribute to the colours of Mother Nature.

The floral tones used in the paintwork and interior inserts make the Bentayga even more unique in the panorama of luxury super SUVs, without sacrificing the performance offered by the 550 PS V8.

Colourful personalisation

Starting with the interior, each interior styling pack offers highly distinctive colour choices.

For example, the Magenta pack is inspired by the violet flowers of the peony, said to represent honour and respect, luxury, nobility and power, while the Glacier Blue pack recalls the ice-blue dahlia flower, often associated with peace and elegance.

Bentley Bentayga S, i nuovi pacchetti estetici

Bentley Bentayga S, les nouveaux packs intérieurs

Finally, Azimuth Blue evokes the blue hydrangea flower, associated with calm and serenity, while Cherry Blossom evokes the cherry blossom in Japan, a symbol of spring and renewal.

In addition to the four interior packs, customers can also request a matching exterior styling pack. This pack extends the chosen interior colour theme with a specific body kit to further personalise the look of their Bentayga.

Technology and equipment upgrades

In addition to the packs, Bentley has updated some of the Bentayga's equipment for the occasion. New features on the seats include postural adjustment and automatic seat climate control, while an improved climate control system monitors particulates inside and outside the car, automatically activating the 'recirculation' mode if necessary. The advanced system also uses map data to identify tunnels where higher levels of pollution are expected.

Bentley Bentayga S, i nuovi pacchetti estetici

Bentley Bentayga S

A new instrument cluster for the driver provides a real-time display of the road ahead and a 3D representation of objects. In addition, driver assistance functions have been enhanced, including intelligent parking assistance, remote parking via the My Bentley app, 3D visualisation of the environment and emergency assistance. Finally, the cabin carpet is now made from 100% recycled nylon for greater sustainability.

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