What you're looking at is a Ford Mustang like no other. Designed by Milan-based studio BorromeodeSilva, it is called STL-1 and will be produced in a very limited edition. In fact, the very first example will not even be sold, as it will be on display at the Studio. The other cars, on the other hand, will all be made to order and customised to the customer's tastes.

Born for off-roading

For Studio Director Carlo Borromeo, this is the realisation of a 'vision' he had in 2008, when the engineer travelled from the United States to Buenos Aires, Argentina, in a 1968 Mustang Fastback. For the occasion, the Studio Director began to imagine how it could be modified to become the ultimate off-road sports car.

BorromeodeSilva STL-1
BorromeodeSilva STL-1

Leaving aside pure sporting style, the STL-1 adopts a 'Baja' car look with a minimalist and functional design. The all-aluminium body has undergone a complete transformation. The roof has been removed in favour of a robust tubular cage, which follows the original line and can be complemented by an optional canvas roof.

The interior has been redesigned using high-quality materials such as carbon fibre, and features minimalist digital instrumentation and controls.

Boss sound

Under the bonnet, the STL-1 houses a powerful 5.0-litre V8 Road Runner engine, derived from the 2012 Mustang Boss 302, capable of delivering 450 PS.

Thanks to reinforced components such as a forged crankshaft and pistons, optimised cylinder heads and an intake system derived from the 302R, the engine in this unique Ford achieves unprecedented maximum power, with a rev range of up to 7,400 rpm.

BorromeodeSilva STL-1

The elevated position is combined with independent suspension, improved brakes and a completely revised transmission, including a limited-slip shaft and differential. The Turbine's wheels are fitted with Pirelli Scorpion off-road tyres, which necessitated modifications to the mudguards to improve approach and departure angles, as well as ground clearance.

The price of this 'Made in Italy' Ford is not known, but it is likely that the cheque to be drawn will pose no problem for those wishing to add such a 'beast' to their collection.

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