On sale in international markets from 2021, the current generation Kia Sportage will soon receive an interesting mid-cycle facelift. Thanks to spy photos taken from test prototypes, we can give you a sneak preview of what the facelift will look like.

For this, we have taken digital recreations by specialist Nikita Chuicko, published on the Russian website Kolesa. The Korean SUV, which became quite aggressive in this latest generation (following in the footsteps of its 'cousin', the Hyundai Tucson), will receive an update that will follow this striking path, especially at the front.

This part of the vehicle will get new daytime running lights (now boomerang-shaped) and the vertical lighting modules, the grille, smaller than before, and the bumper will also be changed, according to this rendering. 

Novo Kia Sportage Facelift - Projeção

On the sides, only the design of the alloy wheels will be changed (depending on the version). Finally, the rear will receive updates to the internal lighting of the headlights and a revised bumper with the adoption of a new plastic protection.

No engine changes

Unless there are any surprises, the powertrains will remain the same, although it is worth remembering that the hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions will see their combined power outputs reduced slightly, to 215 PS (instead of 230) and 252 PS (265) respectively.

However, the 150 PS and 180 PS 1.6-litre T-GDI petrol engine, with and without light hybridisation, plus the 115 PS and 136 PS 1.6 CRDI turbodiesel will remain.

New Kia Sportage Facelift - rendering
Kia Sportage

The gearboxes can be a six-speed manual and two automatic transmissions: a six-speed torque converter (for the hybrid and plug-in hybrid) and a seven-speed dual clutch. 

Kia will probably take advantage of this Sportage facelift to slightly increase its prices, which currently start at £29,375 for the 1.6 T-GDI 160 PS petrol version with manual gearbox in Sportage '2' trim.