To date, Rimac has designed some of the most extreme electric hypercars on the planet. In just a few years, the Croatian manufacturer has been able to become a status symbol among those who seek maximum performance from battery-powered models, and now it seems that everything is ready for the next step.

As announced by CEO Mate Rimac on his Instagram profile, a brand new electric compact will be unveiled on 26 June.

A cryptic announcement

The stop-motion video shows the silhouette of a hatchback crossing the screen. Cutouts of the car against backgrounds of flashing cityscapes and an original music track about city driving seem to suggest a small city car. There are also some references to science fiction author Jules Verne, suggesting that the car could pay homage to the classics of the genre, perhaps with an ad hoc name.


Accompanying the video is Rimac's comment that something very special that the company has been working on for the past five years will be unveiled on 26 June.

Will it be a real Rimac?

As we know, Rimac entered the orbit of the Volkswagen Group thanks to the agreement with Bugatti. Indeed, it is possible that this model is more of a collaboration between Volkswagen and Croatian engineers and will be sold under a different brand than Rimac.  

Rimac Nevera Time Attack

Rimac Nevera Time Attack

Note how the sloping windscreen and roofline befit a high-performance hot hatch, and there are those in the comments to the video who speculate on the return of the Volkswagen Scirocco, whose shape is vaguely reminiscent of the car in the teaser.

One thing is certain. This Rimac will be profoundly different from the Nevera and the next Bugatti, as much in performance as in price.

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