In difficult economic times, you have to be resourceful and look for solutions to your needs. Do you want a cheap camper van but your budget is quite limited? Maybe a second-hand Dacia van and a Spanish tuner is the way to go. 

Here's an example: you buy a used Dokker (they are available for less than €10,000 (approx. £8,500) on a number of buying and selling websites and go to the Madrid-based company Yevana, where they will prepare it for you for €10,250 (£8.800), including legalisation and the papers for the MOT. In total, less than €20,000 (£17,500) of investment. 

In exchange, you get a compact van, 4.36 metres long, ideal for two people, which, when viewed from the outside, goes completely unnoticed, so you can park it in urban areas without fear of theft. 

Gallery: Dacia Dokker Yevana camper van

Camper preparation

The camper consists of a folding double bed, 1.95 metres long and 1.70 metres wide, with a birch wood bed base and a folding mattress 7 centimetres thick. 

You can also cook with a burner and store food in a small 31-litre fridge. There is also a stainless steel sink that can be used thanks to a 32-litre clean water tank. If the weather is nice and you need to wash up, the outdoor shower will come in handy. 

The complete Yevana project also includes plywood furniture, LED interior lighting, blinds, mosquito nets (much needed in summer), drawers with safety locks, skylight, solar panel, 100 Ah battery and a 600W power inverter.

Camper for the price of a compact

So, you want a camper for year-round travel and you can spend a little more? Ask Yevana to integrate the stationary heating and you will have a comfortable interior climate safe from the cold or frost outside. An outdoor awning or a TV is also available. 

Below you have a link for more information and also a video that shows all the preparation in just over a minute. As we have shown you, you can have your own motorhome for the price of a 'simple' new compact. Not bad at all, is it?

Source and photos: Yevana