Accustomed as we are to discovering abandoned cars and famous barn finds on an almost daily basis, nothing surprises us anymore. From luxury cars to abandoned sports cars, we've seen everything.

But this case is a bit special and not just because the model is a Seat. Usually, the appearance of these abandoned cars generates a certain curiosity in us, but in this case, it generates quite a lot of sadness.

After all, our Spanish colleagues have found this Seat 600 abandoned in the middle of a field. At least it looks like it is abandoned given its poor condition and the fact that it is in an isolated area far from any farm or shed where its owner would like to keep it.

A forgotten and abandoned Seat 600

And we feel rather sorry for the situation because, after all, the Seat 600 may be the most popular and beloved classic car in Spain, due to the sympathy it arouses, the affection everyone has for it, and its essential role in putting Spain on wheels in the 60s and 70s.

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Abandoned in the north of Madrid (we won't say where, lest it suffers even more), it is a Seat 600 D, the second version of the model, marketed approximately between 1963 and 1970. As a curiosity, this model still had reverse-opening or 'suicide' doors with a rear-mounted engine and a power output of 21.5 PS.

SEAT 600 clásico abandonado

But little remains of the old splendour of the model. In fact, it barely retains the front logo and some front bumper fenders that seem to look a little brighter than the rest. Other than that, nothing is left of this old 600: the roof has been cut off (was it going to undergo some kind of transformation?), there are no seats, the engine is gone and the interior is trashed. In fact, what remains of the steering wheel and a seatbelt can be seen, practically hidden in the dirt and vegetation. No doubt, whatever happened to it, ending up like this is a real shame.