The fuel efficiency of the Volkswagen ID.7 is among the best recorded by Green NCAP. The latest tests by the European body awarded the Wolfsburg electric car five stars, as well as the Skoda Enyaq.

Both have a 77 kWh battery and were tested this month alongside the Opel Astra 1.5 CDTi and the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid.

The Volkswagen ID.7 in Green NCAP tests

In Green NCAP tests, the ID.7, a four-door, five-seater saloon with an unladen mass of 2,139 kg and a declared battery capacity of 77 kWh, scored an average of 98 per cent and 5 Green Stars. According to the judges, the ID.7's good efficiency figures can be attributed to the aerodynamic body design, the efficiency of the powertrain and the well-managed heating system.

The ID.7, technicians say, offers a range of about 314 miles in real on-road driving and 230 miles in motorway driving with full power acceleration and a top speed of 80 mph. In a worst-case scenario, the range of 194 miles was calculated on the basis of consumption measured in a single WLTC laboratory test at -7°C without intermediate recharging and with rapid warming of the passenger compartment and a comfortable temperature.

In reality, a single long journey would exceed this range, as the passenger compartment temperature would only have to be warmed up from -7°C once. The test vehicles start the Cold Ambient Test after a -7°C immersion and the ID.7 reached a cabin temperature of 18°C after 2.5 minutes. Green NCAP determined an available battery capacity of 77.2 kWh, which corresponds to the officially declared value.

Volkswagen ID.7 in Green NCAP tests
Test Green NCAP, ecco i primi risultati 2024

Green NCAP test, results 2024

The Skoda Enyaq in Green NCAP tests

The 77 kWh declared battery capacity gave the Skoda Enyaq a range of around 317 miles according to the WLTP+ procedure and even when driving on motorways or in very cold and unfavourable conditions, the range remained around 186 miles according to the Green NCAP judges.

The consumption values in the Cold Environmental Test and the Highway Test remained significantly higher than in the standard WLTP+ laboratory test, but were still in the range of other efficient EVs tested by Green NCAP. When the vehicle was charged with 11 kW (Green NCAP standard procedure), 89.5 per cent of the energy drawn from the grid remained available at the output of the battery, in line with other good performing electric cars.

During full discharge from 100 per cent to 0 per cent, the battery provided more than 78 kWh, exceeding the official claim of 77 kWh. The Enyaq thus achieved 5 Green Stars with an average score of 96%.

Skoda Enyaq in Green NCAP tests
Test Green NCAP, ecco i primi risultati 2024

Green NCAP test, results 2024

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