Tesla is forging ahead with the development of its humanoid robot. The Optimus, which has already been presented in its second generation but is still in the testing phase, is improving rapidly and is now preparing to be used as a normal workforce in the American company's Gigafactory.

In the past, through some pilot projects, the Optimus (or Tesla Bot as it is called) had already been used in the factory to carry out simple operations, but now it seems that it is ready to go into full service. Let's see how.

Factory-sized robots... and vice versa

Tesla has published more than 60 job advertisements related to the development of its robot, and one of the positions in demand is for a manager to oversee the development of Optimus for day-to-day operations.


The technician in question will have to work with a team of experts both to enable Optimus to move correctly within a working environment, and to set up production lines and infrastructures suitable for robots as well as humans. The ad states:

"The work will take place on several sites and will require frequent travel. Strong technical skills to identify and mitigate risks and react quickly to operational issues and evolving objectives are appreciated'.

How Bot's development continues

Among the job advertisements (you can find them here) are several for qualified people to meticulously analyse all test data on the Optimus, in order to speed up development, and people capable of programming in the C++ language.

The Tesla Bot, unveiled in 2022, remains a priority for Tesla. Elon Musk is convinced that he can put it on sale as early as 2025 and is certain that it can open up a still unexplored market, which in the future could be worth more than that of electric cars.


Elon Musk's intention is to provide people with a useful helper that can perform all the tiring, dangerous or boring tasks that are now still assigned to humans. Although science fiction, the road mapped out has attracted the interest of other car manufacturers, such as BMW, which are considering using humanoid robots (see link below) in their plants.

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Source: Tesla