In February 2024, the European automotive market confirmed the growth trend recorded in January. Last month, new registrations in the European Union rose by 10.1% year-on-year to 883,608 units (in the EU+UK+EFTA region, they totalled 995,059 units, an increase of 10.2%).

Hybrid cars remained the second most popular choice among drivers in the EU (with a market share of 28.9%), while the share of electric cars was 12.0%, the same as in the previous month.

All major markets continued to grow: Germany (+11.8%), Italy (+11.7%), France (+11.2%) and Spain (+8.7%).

Market shares by fuel type

A closer look at the data shows that the market for petrol cars grew by 6.1% in Europe, mainly due to developments in key markets such as Italy (+33.4%) and Spain (+3.7%). Although the market share of 35.5% continues to lead the way, the share of petrol vehicles has nevertheless fallen from 36.9% in the same month of 2023.

The decline in diesel vehicles continued (-5.1% in February 2024) and the market share fell to 12.9% (in 2023 it was still at 15.0%). Full and mild hybrid vehicles continued to benefit - as already mentioned at the beginning. Driven by significant growth in the four most important markets: France (+41.5%), Spain (+26.5%), Germany (+16.4%) and Italy (+16.1%). This led to sales of 255,511 units in the second month of 2024 (28.9% market share).

Electric car sales, on the other hand, rose by a more modest 9% to 106,187 units (12% market share), and plug-in hybrid sales increased by 11.6% to 64,351 units (7.3% market share).

EU figures for February 2024:

  • Petrol: 35.5%
  • Hybrid (MHEV+HEV): 28.9%
  • Diesel: 12.9%
  • Electric (BEV): 12%.
  • Plug-in hybrid (PHEV): 7.3%
  • Other (LPG, natural gas, ethanol, hydrogen): 3.4%

Who is rising and who is falling

In February 2024, the brand with the strongest growth in the EU+UK+EFTA region was Mitsubishi (+143.5%), which sold 5,837 units compared to 2,397 in February 2023 (note, however, that the new Colt and the new ASX have only been available since this year).

Also notable was the sharp rise at SAIC Motor with its MG models, which increased by 108.7% (16,148 vehicles delivered), as well as at Lancia (+68.6%) and Cupra (+59.8%). There were also significant increases for smart (+57.2%), Lexus (+55.4%) and Suzuki (+50.8%).

Mitsubishi ASX

Mitsubishi ASX

Looking at the largest volumes, the Volkswagen brand is still the leader. Within the Stellantis Group, Peugeot remains the best-selling brand (58,080 units; +8.5%).

This was February 2024 in the EU

Groups that have won Groups that lost
Mitsubishi (+141.1%) Ford (-16.9%)
SAIC Motor (+88.1%) Mercedes-Benz (-4.0%)
Suzuki (+55.9%)  
Honda (+44.1%)  
Volvo Cars (+40.4%)  
Nissan (+20.6%)  
Toyota Group (+16.8%)  
Tesla (+15.2%)  
Stellantis (+12.0%)  
Volkswagen AG (+9.8%)  
Renault Group (+5.8%)  
Jaguar Land Rover (+5.1%)  
BMW Group (+3.3 )  
Hyundai Motor Corporation (+2.3%)  
Mazda (+0.0%)  

This was February 2024 in the EU+UK+EFTA region

Companies that won Companies that lost
Mitsubishi (+143.5%) Ford (-16.7%)
SAIC Motor (+108.7%) Mercedes-Benz (-2.1%)
Suzuki (+50.8%) Mazda (-1.8%)
Honda (+47.1%)  
Volvo Cars (+33.9%)  
Nissan (+22.7%)  
Tesla (+20.1%)  
Toyota Group (+14.4%)  
Jaguar Land Rover Group (+13.8%)  
Stellantis (+11.2%)  
Volkswagen AG (+8.7%)  
BMW Group (+7.0%)  
Renault Group (+5.9%)  
Hyundai Motor Corporation (+2.3%)  

The ranking by group

Looking at the performance of the groups in the EU+UK+EFTA region, it can be seen that only a few have recorded a decline compared to January 2023. Ford (-16.7%) lost the most ground, falling from a share of 4.3% in February 2023 to a share of 3.4% in February 2024.

At the top of the ranking is the VW Group (+8.7%), whose share was 25.7%, with a total of 255,962 vehicles delivered; Stellantis (+11.2%) with a share of 18.3% and the Renault Group (+5.9%) with a share of 9.4% (it should be noted that the Dacia brand grew +4.7% in the month, delivering 46.839 units; Renault increased by 6.7% with 49,552 deliveries; Alpine increased from 110 to 301 units and recorded a +173.6% increase).