The first 100% electric BMW M continues to test. The Bavarian battery-powered supercar continues its snow tests in a new video published by CarSpyMedia. Based (at least aesthetically) on the i4, this supercar has been in the works for two years now and its potential is still relatively unknown.

What we do know is that it could be one of the most extravagant M cars in existence.

Pushed to the extreme

Provisionally called the M EV, this BMW will have up to four electric motors, one for each wheel. The idea is to have an all-wheel-drive sports car that can be transformed into a pure RWD if necessary, thanks to a sophisticated power transmission system between the axles and between the wheels themselves.

After several static shots, this is one of the first times the BMW has been filmed in motion, although there doesn't appear to be any particular aesthetic innovations compared to the past. The prototype still appears to be in the early stages of development, with a provisional body featuring oversized wheel arches and an aggressive stance.

Neue Klasse base

Although BMW has yet to reveal any official specifications, the model could develop over 1,000 PS and is expected to be based on the new Neue Klasse platform that will debut in 2025. In the past, Frank Weber, BMW's head of development, has confirmed that this architecture would allow the use of powertrains with a power output of up to one megawatt, i.e. more than 1,300 PS.

Currently, the most powerful electric car in BMW's range is the i7 M70. Equipped with a twin-cylinder engine and all-wheel drive, it produces 660 PS and 1,100 Nm of torque, with a 0-62 mph time of 3.7 seconds.

But when will we see this BMW M? According to unconfirmed company rumours, it could be unveiled in 2027, by which time an electric M3 is also expected.

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Source: CarPix