What could be better than owning a collection of your favourite supercars? Probably a collection of your favourite supercars and a car transporter to transport them all at once.

This was the childhood dream of Austrian architect Alexander Serda, who over the years has built up a veritable collection of six Porsche 911s, which will soon go on sale in the UK for an as yet undetermined price.

A unique collection

Currently being offered by dealer RPM Technik (via broker Piston Heads), the collection will be auctioned as a single lot and is therefore non-divisible. It is comprised of:

La collezione di Porsche 911 GT3 in vendita nel Regno Unito

The Porsche 911 GT3 collection for sale in the UK

Although it may seem like a totally motley collection, the cars represent a well-supported collection of almost all the 991-series GT3s produced, with the exception of a few other track versions and the pre-facelift GT3s and GT3 RSs.

A collection created for Goodwood

According to reports in several British magazines, the architect's initial aim was to present this 'tribute' to the GT3 series at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed, the event at which Porsche celebrated its 70th anniversary. For unspecified reasons, this didn't happen and the 'work of art' has remained in storage for the past few years.

During this time, each car has accumulated only the mileage needed on the odometer to be transported and delivered to the end customer. This is therefore an almost unique opportunity to take away these practically new special 911s.

La collezione di Porsche 911 GT3 in vendita nel Regno Unito

The Porsche 911 GT3 collection on sale in the UK

The price has not been disclosed by the intermediary company, but it could easily reach 'astronomical' figures. To find out more, all you have to do is wait and get out your chequebook!

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