The return of ground-effect machinery in 2022, and the way that rear ride height is so critical to performance right now, means that teams are having to run cars very low and stiff.

This means that conditions can get uncomfortable for drivers, and there have been regular complaints from a number of leading stars about the situation not being one that should be accepted for the long term.

As the FIA begins work on framing the 2026 regulations, Norris believes that one aspect that needs to be taken into account is helping avoid excessive physical problems.

Asked by if driver comfort needed to be improved, Norris said: “Could it be better? And was it better a few years ago with the old cars? 100%.

“There's definitely certain people who think it's not bad and that it used to be worse many years ago and all of this stuff, but I think times have changed.

“I think we do complain sometimes, but certain things are also for good reason, for our own bodies and the safety and health side of things. So I think there's areas to improve on it for sure.”

Norris said that it was not the responsibility of teams to focus on driver comfort, as their job was to produce cars that go as fast as possible.

Lando Norris at Saudi Arabian GP 2024

Instead, he believed it was down to the FIA to deliver regulations that ensure teams do not have to take things to the extreme.

“I think it does need to be improved a little bit - because the teams just make the quickest cars, and then we drive them,” added Norris.

“There's certain times when it starts to have a toll. It's definitely not as bad as what it was two years ago. Things have improved since then, with porpoising and all of this.

“But you still have to run the cars extremely low and stiff, and all of these things. And this takes a toll on you.

“I struggle a lot with my body and back and all of these things. And I have to do a lot now, which I didn't have to do a few years ago.

“I wouldn't say it's directly because of the car, I think a little of it is just naturally for me I have to work on it, but I think things in the long term need to be improved, especially if I want to be here for many years.”

Norris’s McLaren team-mate Oscar Piastri agrees that, while things are better compared to recent years, there is definitely more that can be done to help drivers.

“I drove the 2022 car earlier in the year, and we've definitely made steps forward in terms of porpoising and improving comfort and stuff like that for us,” he said. “So it's not as bad as what it was when these regulations first came in.

“But it's not quite as comfortable as the old cars were. So I think it is a point that is valid for us.

“We're going to drive the car how it is quickest and you're never going to give up lap time for not having an achy body after the race. So you kind of need rules to stop that from us, because we're so competitive that we're just going to get the ultimate lap time out no matter what it takes.

“I feel like there was a good job addressing it, but it is something that we need to keep an eye on in the future.”