The weekend has just ended and you're probably already thinking about what you're going to do next weekend. If you like campers vans and motorhomes, it is quite certain that you want to enjoy your free time in harmony with nature and the great outdoors. These vehicles allow you to be highly mobile and to camp wherever it suits you best.

However, there are more options for enjoying nature on your own or with your family. If you are one of the latter, traditional caravans are always a good option if you have a large family. For this reason, we have taken a look at one of the new products in the catalogue of the German manufacturer LMC. We are talking about the Vivo family and in particular the model 522 K 2024.

Gallery: LMC Vivo 522 K caravana

And what is so special about this caravan? Well, it is the most affordable of this range of caravans, which we could qualify as premium, and that translates into a price starting at €35,900 (approx. £30,000). A lot? Wait until you see what it has to offer.

In terms of technical data, the Vivo 522 K 2024 measures 8.12 metres in total (6.79 m without the drawbar), by 2.58 in width and 1.95 in height. In addition, it weighs 1,437 kilograms. As you can imagine from these figures, it is a large caravan with a variety of interior spaces.

LMC Vivo 522 K caravana

As standard, this model offers five beds, which can be optionally increased to eight depending on the needs and interior configuration of the caravan. There is a layout with bunk beds for the youngest members of the family, which is very useful and makes much better use of the available space.

LMC Vivo 522 K caravana

As you can see in the images, the standard configuration consists of double bunk beds at the rear of the living module, right next to the main entrance. In front of the door we find different cupboards to store the material needed in the day to day. To the right of the door, we find the U-shaped dining room.

Opposite the dining room is the kitchen, with three different sized hobs, sink and integrated fridge under the worktop. On the upper part, there are cupboards of different sizes, with doors finished in light-coloured wood.

LMC Vivo 522 K caravana

Finally, at the front of the caravan is the master bedroom, with a double bed and more cupboards above. Next to the master bed, the caravan includes a full bathroom, with the shower and toilet separated from the washbasin by a door. A skylight in the master bedroom part ensures optimal ambient light.

LMC Vivo 522 K caravana

So now you know, if you are looking for a large caravan for the whole family, and you are not willing to compromise on good build quality and finish, all in a modern design, the LMC Vivo 522 K 2024 could be your next adventure companion. Are you up for it?