A sunny winter with snow in the mountains. No wonder, of course, that many families or groups of friends are thinking of using a motorhome to spend a few days of rest, enjoy their favourite sport or go on adventures of any kind. Especially now that the countdown to the Easter holidays has begun.

For anyone looking for a real 'home on wheels', the Italian specialist Blucamp offers a very interesting preparation, with Renault base and engine, which is large and spacious in equal parts.

Large motorhome with Renault base

This time, we focus on the Blucamp Ocean 527 Renault, a model that can also be purchased with a Ford base, if desired, and which is much more 'cosy' than a camper van.

However, this also has its disadvantages: For one thing, you'll have to forget about buying it for a cheap price - that's just the way it is. But, as you'll see at the end of this post, it's still a really interesting model, considering all it has to offer.

Gallery: Autocaravana Blucamp Ocean 527 Renault

First highlight? The Renault Trafic in its chassis cab version is a van as modular and versatile as other benchmarks in the category such as the Ford Transit, Fiat Ducato, and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

That said, it offers an interior space in which a total of five occupants can coexist and travel comfortably, each with a fifth sleeping space. However, to gain the fifth sleeping berth, an optional package must be added.

Autocaravana Blucamp Ocean 527 Renault

With a 145 PS diesel engine

On the mechanical side, relies on Ford's tried and tested 2.3-litre dCi engine with 145 PS and a manual transmission. This is a figure that you have to make do with to move a motorhome that is no less than 6.99 metres long.

In return, in addition to plenty of space, it offers well-differentiated areas for the full kitchen, with sink and 152-litre refrigerator, and the bathroom. Two essential elements for travelling with a certain degree of independence.

Price. By consulting different online sales portals, we can see that the figure can range between €73,700 and €78,645 (£63,000 and £67,200); high but reasonable outlays in exchange for how well equipped it is.

In fact, standard features include air conditioning and heating, auxiliary battery, electric step, door with mosquito net, folding beds or panoramic skylight, among other things.

And, as usual at Blucamp, if you want to customise it to your liking, you can use the optional Turin Pack, which adds elements such as the awning, DAB radio+, bicycle racks, solar panel, the aforementioned fifth bed and fifth seat.

Source: Blucamp Caravan