"The River Mersey and Liverpool Bay represent our greatest natural resources. They are the heart of the city and have determined its fortunes for hundreds of years. But now, at a time of climate emergency that demands more and more renewable energy, we need to review their exploitation in harmony with nature, to ensure a green, safe and prosperous future for generations to come."

It is with this mantra that the city of Liverpool is launching 'Mersey Tidal Power', a project designed to generate electricity from the tides of the famous local river. Once born, the creature would become the world's largest generator of tidal power.

More protection and jobs

It could in fact power about 1 million homes a year for more than 120 years. But what would it look like? The Mersey Tidal Power would be similar to a dam and would feature a series of turbines capable of drawing power from the tides of the river. It would also protect citizens from flooding and act as a pedestrian and cycle link.

It is an initiative costing billions of pounds and is in Phase 3 of design, which precedes final planning. If approved, the Mersey Tidal Power would also create thousands of jobs and help the city reach its target of zero emissions by 2040: ten years earlier than the rest of the UK. However, it will take some time to get the green light from the authorities.

"We are under no illusions, we know there are still significant technical and financial challenges to overcome, but the plans we have unveiled mark a huge step forward in our journey to bring Mersey Tidal Power to life," comments Mayor Steve Rotheram.

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