Length: 4,233 mm

Width:  1,836 mm

Height:  1,555 mm

Wheelbase: 2,650

Luggage compartment: 318/904 litres

The Volvo EX30 is the Swedish company's smallest model to date and is part of the strategy to produce only electric models by 2030. The powertrains are in fact exclusively battery-powered, built into a platform dedicated to 'on tap' cars.

Despite this, however, the Volvo EX30 is not a champion of space, neither in the passenger compartment nor in the boot, with direct competitors offering more capacity for the same external dimensions.

Volvo EX30, the dimensions 

The Volvo EX30 is 4.23 metres long (4,233 millimetres), 21 cm shorter than the XC40. Width is 1.83 metres (1,836 mm) and height measures 1.55 metres (1,555 mm) while the wheelbase - the distance between the front and rear wheel centres - is 2.65 metres (2,650 mm).

<p>Volvo EX30, il 3/4 frontale</p>

Volvo EX30, il 3/4 frontale

<p>Volvo EX30, il posteriore</p>

Volvo EX30, il 3/4 posteriore

Volvo EX30, roominess and luggage compartment

The exterior dimensions straddling the B- and C-segment of the Volvo SUV mean that there is little more than adequate room inside. Legroom for those sitting in the back is 821 mm while headroom is 974 mm. As an example, the Skoda Kamiq (4.24 metres long) offers a few more centimetres in all directions. The fixed glass roof provides more than good lighting, so that the interior of the Volvo EX30 is not oppressive. There is no transmission tunnel, so as not to penalise those sitting in the middle.

The luggage compartment capacity, on the other hand, is decidedly below average, offering just 318 litres as a base and rising to 904 litres by folding down the rear seatbacks in a 60:40 layout. The design is regular and there are various hooks and the floor can be adjusted to two different heights. Under the front bonnet is a 7-litre frunk, ideal for storing charging cable or small items.

<p>Volvo EX30, il divanetto posteriore</p>

Volvo EX30, il divanetto posteriore

<p>Volvo EX30, gli interni</p>

Volvo EX30, gli interni

In terms of engines, the Volvo EX30 is available in Single Motor rear-wheel drive or Twin Motor configuration, with an electric motor for each axle. In the former case, you can choose between the version with a 51 kWh LFP battery with a claimed range of 214 miles or with the 69 kWh NMC with a range of 295 miles, the same as the Twin Motor, with a range of 280 miles.

Motorisation Power Power supply Battery and range
Single Motor 272 PS Electric 51 kWh - 344 km
Single Motor Extended Range 272 PS Electric 69 kWh - 480 km
Twin Motor Performance 428 PS Electric 69 kWh - 480 km

Volvo EX30, competitors with similar dimensions

Among compact SUVs and crossovers the choice is wide, but focusing on the 100% electric versions we find the Renault Megane E-Tech Electric, smart #1, MG4, Fiat 600 and Opel-Vauxhall Mokka, all with lengths between 4.15 and 4.28 metres.

Model Length Luggage compartment
Volvo EX30 4.23 metres 318/904 litres
Fiat 600 4.17 metres 360/1,231 litres
MG4 4.28 metres 363/1,177 litres
Opel Mokka 4.15 metres 350/1,105 litres
Renault Megane E-Tech Electric 4.21 metres 389/1,245 litres
smart #1 4.27 metres 313/n.d.

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Source: Volvo