If we focus on the world of pure off-roaders, we are keeping a close eye on two outstanding firsts. On the one hand, for this year, we have the Toyota mini Land Cruiser (unofficial name), to rival the Suzuki Jimny. On the other is the so-called Mercedes-Benz 'Baby' G, which is basically a smaller G... and cheaper.  

You're rubbing your hands together, aren't you? Well, that's to be expected, because getting your hands on a G-Class, albeit a more compact one, is definitely a reason to rejoice. What do we know about it? It will be unveiled in 2025 at the earliest and, of course, it will keep its straight lines.

It could be in the region of 4.5 metres in length, a much more manageable dimension for city driving. Yes, it will be a 100% electric vehicle, like the new EQG that will be shown later this year. 

Fotos Mercedes-Benz Clase G 'baby', el render de Motor1.com

"A great all-rounder".

Before you start criticising it for lacking a combustion engine, think about the advantages of an electric in off-road practice. For example, the immediate availability of maximum torque or the fact that you can forget about the clutch pedal. In addition, it will certainly have more than enough power to achieve a good 0-60 mph back on the asphalt.

Of course, we expect the use of two engines, one to drive the front and one to drive the rear, in order to have four-wheel drive. Would it have triple differential lock like the 'real' G? Maybe not all three, but one or two, although nothing official.

It will also offer considerable ground clearance, short overhangs and blunt body cladding. After all, as Ola Kallenius, the head of Mercedes-Benz, said, "the new g-Class (yes, with a small letter) will be a large and immediately recognisable off-roader".

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Technical highlights

If you look further up in our exclusive digital recreation, we have included elements typical of electric cars, such as a closed grille that is conveniently illuminated by a horizontal strip, a fashion that has become quite popular in recent times.

There's also the traditional circular headlights and turn signals on the bonnet to give it a classic G feel. Of course, we still don't know anything about battery capacity, range or charging power.

Fotos Mercedes-Benz Clase G 'baby', el render de Motor1.com

In any case, time is on the side of this G-Class because electric vehicles continue to be improved all the time, so it is sure to arrive with some very interesting technical data. 

It is worth remembering that the G is currently on sale from £131,335 in the UK. Can you imagine if the new compact G were to cost half that? It would still be an exclusive model, of course, but much less prohibitively expensive than its big brother. We'll have to be patient to find out more!