Hyundai surprises once again with a new launch. This time with the ST1. The so-called "Service Type 1" is an all-electric van that looks like a Staria at the front and can be personalised at the rear according to all kinds of customer wishes.

Technical data? Not a thing. In typical Hyundai style, this first unveiling is all about the exterior design. So all we know is that the ST1 is all-electric and was developed for small businesses in South Korea. It will be offered as a normal cargo van, as a refrigerated vehicle and as a basic chassis with cab.

Hyundai ST1 (2024)

Hyundai says it has worked with local delivery companies to find out what their requirements are for a van. The workhorse, which is fitted with steel rims and unpainted bumpers, has nevertheless been given the futuristic front design of the Staria. However, the main headlights are positioned unusually low, while the horizontal strip across the entire width presumably represents the LED daytime running lights (as on the passenger van).

Hyundai ST1 (2024)

Similar to the Kona EV, the charging port is located at the front, to the right of what appears to be a small air intake. Hyundai probably had a good reason for placing the front camera on the painted part of the bumper, rather than lower down to blend in with the black plastic.

The manufacturer claims to have developed the ST1 with the intention of facilitating the loading and unloading of goods by lowering its height. Although it looks like a box on wheels, the upper front spoiler was developed with aerodynamic efficiency in mind. Even the bulky panelling that connects the cabin to the load compartment has been designed to allow better airflow.

Full details and pricing will be announced in the first half of 2024, before the ST1 goes on sale in South Korea later that year. Hyundai intends to sell the workhorse in other regions of the world after launching the ST1 in its home market.