The new Land Cruiser is not the only Toyota off-roader coming onto the market in the near future. There has long been talk of a "baby Land Cruiser". A compact model from the Japanese manufacturer that could become a direct competitor to the Suzuki Jimny.

After rumours have repeatedly surfaced in recent months, we have now decided to imagine the possible design in a first rendering.

Real cruiser DNA (a little bit Land and a little bit FJ)

The shape of the miniature Land Cruiser is said to be based on the concept of the Compact Cruiser EV. A compact electric off-road vehicle with angular, futuristic lines that in some ways resembles the FJ Cruiser, which was sold from 2006 to 2022.

Mini-Toyota Land Cruiser als Rendering von

Mini-Toyota Land Cruiser als Rendering von

It is expected that the small Land Cruiser will be equipped with permanent four-wheel drive and can count on a robust chassis (perhaps with a ladder frame) derived from the Japanese brand's TNGA platform.

In terms of dimensions and styling, we expect a five-door body with a length of around 4.35 metres and a width of 1.86 metres. These dimensions are similar to those of the long-wheelbase Suzuki Jimny, which was launched in India at the end of 2023 but is not yet planned for Europe.

Electrified engines

As far as the powertrain is concerned, a hybrid system would be the most likely, although it is not yet clear whether it will be a mild, full or plug-in hybrid. The use of a purely electric drive system, as seen in the study, cannot be ruled out either.

The key to the competitiveness of such a vehicle on the global market will certainly be the price. Toyota wants to keep the costs relatively low, similar to the Suzuki Jimny in the beginning. In the meantime, the entry-level price of the business version (with commercial vehicle registration) of the Jimny in the UK is an impressive £21,699.

Mini-Toyota Land Cruiser als Rendering von

Mini-Toyota Land Cruiser als Rendering von

Suzuki Jimny 5-Türer (2023)

Suzuki Jimny 5-Türer

Toyota has not yet given an official date, but it is expected that the first markets where this new mini Land Cruiser will be launched will be in South East Asia, as the brand says it will be produced in Thailand. It could also come to Europe at a later date.

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