Following the Grenadier, the Grenadier Quartermaster pickup, and the electric Fusilier, Ineos Automotive is now showing the Chassis Cab, which was developed in parallel with the Quartermaster. The model is intended to offer a class-leading combination of off-road capability and versatility when transporting loads, coupled with the comfort, safety and sophistication expected today. Big words.

"In its first year on the market, the Grenadier has already been widely converted, particularly for emergency services such as the fire brigade, police and coastguard. So the introduction of the Quartermaster Chassis Cab is a logical next step in bringing our off-road expertise to commercial sectors where an outstanding off-road vehicle is required."

George Ratcliffe - Commercial Director of Ineos Automotive

At 3,227 millimetres, the five-seater chassis cab has the same wheelbase as the standard Quartermaster. Behind the passenger compartment, however, the new double cab model has an exposed ladder frame, which is intended to offer customers and converters a wide range of body options. A towing capacity of 3,500 kilograms further expands the potential range of applications.

Gallery: Ineso Grenadier Quartermaster Chassis Cab (2024)

The model is built in Hambach, France. The manufacturer took over the former Smart production facility from Mercedes-Benz in January 2021. The Chassis Cab is built on the same production line as the other Grenadier models.

There are therefore no major technical surprises. In addition to the aforementioned ladder-type frame, you can expect solid axles, a two-stage transfer case, and up to three limited slip differentials. The engine is a BMW-sourced 3.0-litre turbocharged in-line six-cylinder in a petrol or diesel form, which drives all four wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission from ZF.

In the United Kingdom, prices for the Grenadier Quartermar Chassis Cab start at £53,180 RRP excluding VAT.